So-Gnar: 48 Hours in Austin, Texas

The So-Gnar crew is always all about having a good time. In their latest video drop, the crew heads to Austin, Texas for a super quick 48 hour trip. Peep the video to see what unravels during two days in the Lone Star State.

Words: So-Gnar
We took a trip to lovely Austin,Texas to go visit our good friend Griff. Griff, as most Colorado residents would know him from Cosmo’s Pizza in Boulder, moved down to Austin a few years back. The opportunity arose to do up some wall murals in a brand spanking new Wahoo’s Fish taco restaurant . So, we made up a few specialized designs for Texas and went to town for 48 hours. 48 hours, 2 plane tickets, one day of wakeboarding, one hip hop show, 2 pool parties, plenty of Wahoo’s fish tacos and 17 cowboy hats’ later…we have this video edit. “Don’t Mess With So-Gnar!” Fool.