Southern California Bids Farewell to Winter

The winter of 2011-2012 sure did keep us on our toes. From unexpected powder days to rain to prime-time sunny park days, it was a whirlwind of conditions. Plenty of people attempted to spread rumors of an early, epic winter, however, to our dismay it was anything but.

The early weeks of April have arrived and that signals the announcements of closing dates at local Southern California resorts. Mountain High, the closest resort in Wrightwood, California has already shut down its chairlifts until receiving more snow– most likely next season. Bear Mountain, a local favorite, has officially closed, ending another joyous season of jibbing their amazing parks. Snow Summit, Bear’s partner resort, is the last hanging on to the finals days of winter, and will do its best to stay open through April 15.

Every snowboarder’s heart gets a tad heavier upon hearing the words “closing day” and 2012 is no different. It was no La Nina year filled with storm after storm. It was quite the opposite in most places, with overwhelming warm temperatures and a complete lack of snowfall. Nonetheless, it was a fun one.

However, not all hope is lost with Mammoth Mountain looking to remain open for a few more months. While the masses will start invading the coast, us snow rats will be driving Northeast to enjoy as many more turns as we can.

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