Stale Sandbech Lands Triple Under-Flip 1260

While many of us were sulking because the season is practically over, Norwegian shredder, Stale Sandbech was busy stomping a brand new trick. A video of the 18-year-old hitting a massive kicker in Europe just surfaced, and in it, Sandbech stomps a triple underflip 1260. Yeah, we didn’t really think that was possible either, but this video from Stale’s sponsors proves it.

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After seeing the video, we had to know what was going through Sandbech’s mind when he stomped the new trick. Stale commented, “At first I was pretty surprised I was able to land it, and then I was really happy I didn’t have try it again!”

Stale’s also said that he thinks the underflip is more of “a stunt than a trick,” but if there is a solid, safe jump in a slope course, don’t put it past him to pull it out during a contest.