Too broke to go abroad: A guide to a summer day in Mammoth

(Editor’s note) I do understand that this post is biased towards people in California since if you’re broke…and don’t live in California….it might be tough to magically travel to Mammoth, for this…I am sorry.

Let’s be honest, snowboarders are generally not known for their money in the bank. Yes, there are exceptions and certain “names” that might be associated with loads of cash but for the most part, we’re friggin’ broke. So what do you do when the season ends but the itch to shred is still begging you to scratch it?

We’re all taunted with the fact that winter is going off somewhere abroad, the pros hogging it all and claiming a year-round season meanwhile we’re all sitting around scrounging for change underneath our driver’s seat – hoping to win a magazine contest in order to get to South America or New Zealand.

Well, that time is over. With a winter like this past year, the penniless shredders have opportunities to keep the dream alive and their souls in the mountains for as long as they possibly can due to the heavenly land of: Mammoth Mountain.

All snow riders alike can live it up in the Sierras this summer without emptying their pockets on a plane ticket to Argentina. A few friends of mine and myself took a trip up early June to test out the mountain activities and provide you with the plethora of awesome activities that are at your fingertips when you make the trek to Mammoth.

How to spend a summer day in Mammoth:

  • Breakfast at Stellar Brew: Two words: Breakfast burritos, okay three words: Bomb breakfast burritos. Shwoop by this tiny cafe before the mountain and grab a pre-made burrito and a cup of brew. Mellow vibe, hippie staff, and a nice outdoor patio to chill on while stuffing your face. This place is a staple of the mountain town.
  • Early morning/afternoon shred sesh at Mammoth: Get your turns in early before the snow turns to sloppy joes. It’s a sad but true fact that yes, it’s hotter in the summer and the mountain closes at 2 p.m. Once you’re there it’s prime park lap time. No need for the fear of falling, the soft cushion of late season snow will provide. This is the time to send it and learn new tricks without the nerves – cruise through the mellow Forest Trail park or if you’re seasoned for it, drop in to the massive Main Park. The amount of snow that stays throughout July is outrageous with tons of terrain options that are yours for the taking.
  • Stomping Ground: Serious about stepping up your game? Charge Mammoth’s most progressive and innovative park that is stocked with two Acrobags. Get your double cork on, hell, probably your triple cork on for just $20 a day this summer under bluebird skies.
  • Camping at Lake Mary: Hotels are for the uninformed and the lazy. Unless you are lucky enough to have a buddy’s floor with your name on it – get yourself to Lake Mary campgrounds and park it. The view is ridiculous and it’s up the street from the mountain. If you can’t appreciate a little bit of outdoor sleepovers and snowboarding than you might as well stop reading now.
  • Mini Golf: When the mountain closes at 2 pm, you’ve got a lot of time to kill. This is where miniature golf comes into play. Again, mixing mini-golf (well, anything) with the mountains? Ideal. For $5/round, you can lap this putt-putt course all day and/or night long.
  • Fly fishing: Although on the expensive side, (unless you’re already fly fish savvy) when you have the Sierras as the backdrop, fly fishing after a day of riding isn’t a bad way to spend your afternoon. Hot Creek and the June Lake Loop are some of the best in the area.
  • Hot Springs BBQ: Possibly one of the best options after a good day on the hill is heading to one of the many hot springs around Mammoth. Only about a 15 minute drive outside of Mammoth off the 395 are loads of various hot springs. Highlight? Some are even equipped with their own BBQ. Yeah. Bring out the bratwurst and burgers, take in the view, and relax. Just watch out for the nudists.
  • Brothers skatepark: If you’re still hungry for some board action, get your skate and go to the Volcom Brothers skatepark. It seems that if you do anything in this town, you have an amazing view and are having a good time. Smooth trannys and tons of options, you might spend the rest of your day here.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Frothing at the mouth yet? Well, stop that. Start making moves. This June and July could be the best yet; filled with plenty of days on the mountain and plenty of typical summer behavior in between. If anyone finds a way to combine all of these activities into one, please notify us immediately. We’re not even mad, that’s amazing.