Watch snowboarder Jamie Barrow travel 94 mph for world record

British professional snowboarder Jamie Barrow is no stranger to speed.

The 23-year-old has already set multiple world records, including becoming the fastest snowboarder ever towed behind a vehicle. Now, as evidenced by a new video released Tuesday, Barrow has set yet another record by hitting 94.4 miles per hour and becoming the fastest man alive on a traditional (non-Alpine) snowboard.

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To break the standing world record of 93.8 mph (which he set back in 2013), Barrow traveled to the infamous Chabrières ski slope in Vars, France, where just last month a skier set the world ski speed record of 158 mph.

Jamie Barrow world record snowboarding

Barrow poses beneath the slope in Vars where he set his world record. Photo: Courtesy of Mitsubishi

Standing atop one of the steepest ski slopes in the world, the British snowboarder launched himself down the mountain, topping out at the breakneck speed of 94.4 mph and holding that speed for 100 meters. Despite breaking his previous world record, Barrow told the Bath Chronicle that he had hoped to go even faster.

“I am very happy with the speed I hit,” he told the newspaper. “It was not as fast as I was hoping for, but considering the unusually hard snow conditions and only allocated one run on the day, I believe it went well.”

Barrow said that he hopes to come back to Vars next year and break 100 mph on his snowboard.

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