Waxing your snowboard in lingerie is more effective

Please. No it’s not. I just knew that this ridiculous idea would at least get some clicks. We found this insane tutorial in the wonderful world of You Tube and couldn’t resist saying something about it. Which in hindsight is helping the idiots out that put this little edit together and that’s exactly what we didn’t want to do. On the other hand, it’s a well-known fact that any chick in little-to-no-clothing doing really anything will garner attention. So shit, maybe they aren’t idiots – I obviously watched it.

Moving on, the video explains the step by step process of waxing a snowboard and is demonstrated by some random female in lingerie laying all over the floor. I thought I had gone to hell for a second but no, just experiencing a new low. Keep in mind, I’m a chick so I’m not the particular demographic that this is directed towards but still, c’mon guys. Who cares if the directions are accurate!? At least try to keep it in your pants.

Get this girl away from the snowboard and the hot iron. If that isn’t bad enough, they add what resembles a late night phone “dating” voice-over to the video. Keeping it classy.

This video is one of many ‘tutorial videos” on the “EyeHandy” channel. Excuse me while I punch myself in the face. EyeHandy? Holy hell. Anyway, here’s the video. Your welcome EyeHandy. If you also want to learn how to “install a ceiling fan”, “unshrink clothes”, and “remove permanent marker from a white board” you know where to go. I’m not gonna lie, that shit is hard.