Whistler’s Wonder Reels Episode 7: Airspace

Produced by award-winning Sherpas Cinema, this latest episode of Whister’s web series, Wonder Reels, takes a surreal look at Whistler Blackcomb’s famous Nintendo Terrain Parks. Starring Spencer O’Brien, who grew up riding the Whistler parks and went on to become a world champion slopestyle rider, and featuring the riding of the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club kids, Airspace highlights that Whistler’s parks are the perfect springboard for riders of all levels. Famous for massive jumps, Whistler’s Nintendo Terrain Park is also a favorite place for local parents to take their kids.


whistler wonder reels episode 7


“You often hear about the big parks and pipes at Whistler, but most people don't realize there are parks for every ability,” says local pro skier/cinematographer Mike Douglas in this article. “My 8 and 5 year olds love to jump and in the easy parks they can practice their moves on jumps that fit their size."


Airspace also features Leanne Pelosi, Chris Rasman, Braden Dean and Johnny Lyall, and Whistler Valley Snowboard Club members Brendan Keuling, Finn Finestone, Jayden Chomlack, Caleb Chomlack, Truth Smith, Irie Smith, Willem Stroud and Devun Stroud.