Windells Session Five Video RECAP

Session cinco (oh, you don’t speak spanish…? FIVE. Just thought it was time to spice up these snowboard camp blogs since there’s about 700 different sessions…) Anyway, this video will put a smile on your face.

One of the best Windells edits yet, this camp sesh had some banger riding featuring Kazu Kokubo, Johnny Lazz, Mike Casanova, Sage Kotesenburg, Austin Hironaka, Teddy Koo, and more, PLUS all those little diggers everyone knows and loves. The Burton crew was there to hang out and shred with the campers as well. Pies to the face and dodgeball were also on the “to-do” list up there at Mt. Hood.

Be ready to get funky. You’ll understand once you watch (and listen) to this video.