10-Page Article On Kelly Slater In New Issue Of Sports Illustrated

I like the part where it says, "Kelly could be the Michael Jordan and David Stern" referring to the greatest basketball player ever and the commissioner of the NBA. Slater is definitely the Michael Jordan of our sport, and if anyone is going to improve the exposure of surfing on a worldwide level, he's the man.

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater the deal maker? Photo: ASP/Getty Images

As reported on www.floridatoday.com

The article, “Ready for the Next Wave,” was written by SI senior writer Gary Smith.

“Smith followed legendary surfer Kelly Slater . . . and discovered a man who was candid and thoughtful, one who was intent on figuring himself out in addition to harboring aspirations of ‘carrying surfing from a niche sport, seen mostly on the Internet, toward the mainstream,’ ” stated a press release from the magazine.

“Kelly could be the Michael Jordan and David Stern of his sport — the iconic athlete doing aerials and 360s and the power broker trying to change the structure and marketing of his sport.”