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Drink 'n Game

So let me get this straight—this is a stand up video arcade game that has over 69 games (including my personal favorite 720!) and it has a mini-keg hidden inside of it? Come on, did an angel from heaven infiltrate my wet dreams and create the best machine ever invented? I think so.

The Arkeg features a 24-inch 1080i LCD, is capable of getting geared up with Wi-Fi, DVD playback and karaoke, and the look of the machine is fully customizable. All I have to say is… "Sorry son, you won't be going to college any time soon, daddy just spent $4000 dollars on a machine that will be replacing both you and your mother—now go get me a frosty mug—I'm about to play some Centipede."—Chris Cote


Element Travel Well Skateboard Series
The Hog $145
Shovelnose $150

One can never have too many surfboards; the same must be said for skateboards. I have a few standard shred set-ups (a 7.5" wide board with Venture trucks and 54mm Mystery wheels) and about five cruiser boards. I have two collectable Sector Nine Cali Rally boards that are hanging on my wall, one Sector Nine Joel Tudor Board, and now my two latest pick ups—a Travel Well Shovelnose and a Hog model. Both boards get my ass to the liquor store in no time flat, and on my way back, they are cruisy enough for me not to drop any of my beer, but fast enough for me to get the precious coldie's home before the mountains turn from blue to white (Coors Light fans know what I'm saying).

These boards come complete, and are all shaped by legendary skateboard shapers. Need a ride to the store? Get your ass on a Travel Well.—Jim Dawkins


element skateboards

Europe Stormrider Guide Box Set
Editor: Bruce Sutherland
Low Pressure Ltd.


Europe has got to be one of the most wave-rich continents out there. Considering there's everything from the chilly, off-shore groomed swells of Ireland, down to the world-class breaks of the Iberian Peninsula, and almost any wave type you can think of scattered in between, it's easy to see why the European surf industry is booming.

With fall just around the corner, picking up a copy of The Stormrider Guide Europe box set could be a godsend for your Atlantic hurricane escapades. It's broken up into two books: Europe The Continent, and Europe The Atlantic Islands. Not only do the books include an extensive, straightforward explanation of swell creation and forecasting, but it's also got detailed info on traveling in Europe, surf break maps, and all the know-how you could want on spots you've heard of, and tons you haven't.

If that still doesn't satisfy you, there's also a bunch of useful travel guides on Stormrider's website, lowpressure.uk, including a Travel Planner and a Stormrider Passport which offers downloadable ebooks of the entire Stormrider collection. If you're looking to do some surf trekking in Europe, these books can be pretty handy.—Ryan Brower


Europe Stormrider Guide, surf travel guides, travel information

Gravis Dylan Rieder Pro Model

At first glance you might say, "Those shoes look weird." Then when you see me walking around town looking like a man who knows exactly what the f—k I am doing wearing these "weird" shoes, they will grow on you. Dylan Rieder is a pro skateboarder who is as handsome as he is good at skateboarding. His new shoe is a dress/skate shoe—they look kind of like little boots and compliment the tighter style of pants very nicely. I have never skated in mine, but I have gone to The Casbah, which is a hipster rock club in San Diego. I saw this dude who was really cool looking look at my shoes and nod casually like he approved of my footwear. I can honestly say that it made me happy. Gaining acceptance from cool people is a nice way to get some self-esteem—I know, how pathetic.

Either way, these shoes are a wonderful addition to your footwear collection. They're different enough to make you original, comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night, and cheap enough that you can buy a few rounds at the cool bar you are tying to fit in at.—Chris Cote


5' x 5" 19 ¼" Redux
…Lost Enterprises

After eleven years of eagerness over a new 5'5" x 19 ¼", …Lost has finally given us what we have longed for for so long—a sequel that challenges the first for supremacy. While the original defined the surf movie era right before the switch to DVDs, and was the epitome of a great …Lost flick, Redux packs some punch with it's extensive footage from all over the world.Sure, this movie may have come out in the beginning of the summer, but it’s still the main inhabitant in my DVD player. Buy this damn movie and be mesmerized by Wardo's barrel ability, Cory Lopez's African left-hander, and much much more golden footage courtesy of …Lost.—Ryan Brower

Lost Redux

DaKine Interval Backpack

It's time to head back to school and your old bag is thrashed. You want something that's able to carry books and your laptop, keep a few cans of beer—err soda—cold, and keep your sandy, soaked wetsuit separated from all your things that can't get wet. And you want a bag that’s made to withstand the everyday beatings that surfers put any of their gear through. I just picked up the new Interval from DaKine and its definitely up to code. Check out DaKine’s full line of bags—they’ve definitely got one you need.—Ryan Brower


Dakine Interval backpack

Super Headphones
Sennheiser PXC 450 NoiseGard 2.0

Sennheiser makes really nice high-end equipment for your ears and mouth (headphones, microphones, etc.) My friend Scotty Hammonds has been on the Sennheiser Sound Tour thing all summer and thankfully for me, he stopped by TransWorld SURF and dropped me off a pair of these sick ass noise-canceling headphones. They sound as good if not better than those Bose one's everybody talks about and in my opinion, the features on these headphones make them superior. When you're in your own noise-canceled world and somebody comes up talking to you, you just push the button on the side and tell them to stop trying to interrupt you when you're listening to Pink Floyd! Pink Floyd listening sessions should never be interrupted! These headphones are awesome—thanks Scotty, if we're ever on a flight together, don't worry about talking to me—I'll be in Sennheiser-world.—Chris Coté


I Hate My Hair And Want To Die
Goons of Doom
Volcom Entertainment

It's a well-known fact that I can't stand hipsters. I respect any deviation from societal norms, but what hipsters don't realize is that they all dress alike—like any fad really. Why not just do your own thing. Hence, The Goons of Doom. Before I even opened the cd case, I Hate My Hair and Want to Die already got kudos in my book from the mocking of the newly popular greaser do on the cover.

Then I inserted the disc into my computer and was impressed with the evolved diversity that the Goons have found. Acoustic epics, a Dylan cover, Goons traditional flat-out rocking, and genuine lyrics are just a few of the pieces that make up the Goons latest offering. And when you've got one of the most outlandish and one-of-a-kind pro surfers as your frontman, that certainly helps. Spot on Ozzie and Goons, keep doing your thing mates!—Ryan Brower


BEER MONEY: One of the songs on I Hate My Hair and Want to Die

Earthmen and Strangers
Earthmen and Strangers
FDH Records

Earthmen and Strangers' songs are unmistakably hatched from the Arizona desert. Their sound calls to mind the solitary, cactus-strewn landscape. As soon as you press play your brain turns into the desert and the music becomes one of those sand monsters from the movie Tremors crawling in and out of your brain to a steady rhythm, filling all spaces at once.

It's a garage experience with a more cleaned up recording than typical garage projects, and it'll open your sonic mind. Ryan Wong (of Tokyo Electron, The Wongs, Destruction Unit, Yuma Territorial Prison Guards, and Digital Leather) is the frontman of Earthmen, and he and his bandmates have assembled an album that will be a staple for garage rock enthusiasts. Give them a listen here. And buy the album at FDH records. —Nick Jiampa

Earthmen and Strangers

Sickest Sport Coat
Little Fella Smoking Jacket By Koa Smith

I got a random package in the mail the other day from Koa Smith. When I opened it, I didn't really know what to expect, but what I got was amazing. If you don't know Koa, let me start by saying he's the raddest kid out there. He designs his own fashionable sport coats and reps them all the big events—the kid is surfing's most fashionable male. So, back to the package, when I opened the box, I gasped—inside was a custom Little Fella sportcoat tailed to my exact measurements! All I can say is this is one of the coolest things anyone's ever done for me and I can't wait to wear it out on the town! Thanks Koa, you rule. If you want to get your own custom jacket, hit Koa up on his website—every one is a one of a kind and you will no doubt be the toast of the town when you rock it.—Chris Cote


Chris Cote

Chris Cote