10 Trips-Sidebar-Packing Boards – 4.8

10 Trips-Sidebar-Packing Boards

Travel Tip: Packing Your Boards

The key to getting your boards on and off airplanes in one piece is having the right-size bag. When you pack it, your surfboard travel bag shouldn’t be stuffed to its breaking point, nor should you have one five-eight in a bag designed to hold five windsurfers. The best way to find the correct travel case for your sticks is to head down to your local shop, ask a ton of questions, and invest a little money. When taken proper care of, board bags can last a decade, so it’ll be money well spent. Choose wisely, grasshopper.

Common Mistakes Of First-Time Packers:

Mistake #1: Packing everything in your board bag. Board bags are for surfboards-they aren’t designed to be jammed full of 80 pounds of additional clothing, wetsuits, towels, etc.

Instead: Bring a duffel bag or backpack for your clothes. That way your stuff won’t stink from being trapped with your wet board, and if Air Indonesia loses your board bag, you won’t have to wear the same clothes for a week while they locate your lost luggage.

Mistake #2: Under-packing the essentials. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of some rain forest, getting ready to paddle out into surf so perfect it should be airbrushed on the side of a ’76 Chevy Luv van, and suddenly realizing you don’t have any wax.

Instead: Don’t bother bringing that pair of Prada loafers for the one discotheque you envision yourself visiting in Kuala Lumpur. Pack extra wax, rash guards, definitely leashes, and don’t worry too much about luxury items that may or may not be necessary.

Mistake #3: Over-packing boards. Most airlines are going to charge you $75 per board. You’ll kick yourself for lugging your whole quiver halfway around the world and getting charged up the ass for it, only to end up riding the same six-two you ride every day at home.

Instead: Talk to friends and other bros who’ve been where you’re going about which boards to bring. It’s frivolous and tiring to pack more than two surfboards. A little research will save you money, stress, and a possible hernia operation.