12 Questions With Jordy Smith

2010 has been a big year for Jordy Smith. He made the quarters or better in every event except one, he ranked 2nd on the World Tour at the end of the year, 3rd in Surfer Poll and received the Best Maneuver Award at the Surfer Poll. As 2010 draws to a close, Jordy wanted (okay he needed) a haircut before heading home to Durban, so we here at O’Neill tagged along to ask him all the dumb questions we could think of while he got a trim.


O'Neill: Looking back on the last year, what memories stick out to you the most?

Jordy Smith: The end of Hawaii, knowing that the year is done and finishing in second was pretty good.

O'Neill: What board do you keep year after year as your go-to board?

My Al Merrick flyer, 6'-1 1/2". It's the one I get the best results when the waves are really bad.

O'Neill: What music do you listen to before your heats?

I have different ones. Before the finals at J-Bay my pre-heat song was the B-52's "Private Idaho."

O'Neill: What projects are you looking forward to in 2011?

Definitely my own project, but also 'Lost Atlas,' a new movie that Kai Neville is working on. I've done a few trips for it already and I've seen some footage. It looks really good.

O'Neill: Do you have any new moves you are working on?

I've been working on a backside Superman quite a bunch, just trying to get it down. There's no real name for it.

O'Neill: Who do you like to travel with?

I like traveling with my friends. You know? That's the best thing about surf trips, it’s because you are with your friends.

O'Neill: Scariest moment?

Dodgeball, rolling my ankle. It was a pretty bad one. I thought I was going to be out for a while.

O'Neill: When you need to unwind where do you go?

I just head home. Surf with friends, go out with friends, hang with the family, just have a good time.

O'Neill: Any advice for the groms?

Just have fun! Go mad and enjoy yourself.

O'Neill:– What are the pro's and con's about living with Garth Tarlow from O’Neill?

The worst would by tidying up everything, and the best would be he pays for my iTunes account.

O'Neill: Best food stop while on the North Shore?

The Waialua Bakery, turkey cheese and avocado.

O'Neill: What are you going to do when you get home?

Relax, get some good waves, go to Cape Town for New Years, enjoy Christmas with my family and surf New Pier with all the boys.