12th Annual Surf For The Sea At Oceanside Pier

The 12th Annual Surf for the Sea surf contest was held at the Oceanside Pier on Saturday and Sunday, September 6 and 7, 2008.  This surfing event is in loving memory of the late Harry Bennett, Steve Leighton, Tore Bonura, Chuck "Clubber:" Hundley, Banning Capps, John Craven, and most recently Geoff "Midget" Smith.  They are all local surfers who have passed away.  This is a memorial benefit for the Environment with all proceeds going to the Surfrider Foundation - San Diego and other environmental organizations that
help to raise awareness and help protect our ocean, waves and beaches.  Over 180 competitors received an event T-Shirt, lunch catered by Johnny Manana's Restaurant and a chance at raffle prices including 5 surfboards.

A Special Environmental Award was presented to Marco Gonzalez of Coast Law Group for his continuous support in protecting Oceanside beaches.

Pro/Am Open
1.  Chris Abad             Oceanside             $440
2.  Zach Rhinehart            Oceanside            $ 200
3.  Scott McBride            Oceanside            $140
4.  Jason Bennett            Oceanside             $100

Men (18-24)
1.  Jack Prestie                        Oceanside
2.  Reid Chambers            Oceanside
3.  Daniel Ward            Oceanside
4.  Tyler Cash                        Oceanside

1.  John Daniels            Oceanside
2.  Scott McBride            Oceanside
3.  Justin Heit                        Oceanside
4.  Josh Spengler            Oceanside

Grandmasters (35 & over)
1.  Wally Puha                        Oceanside
2.  David Nelson            San Marcos
3.  Erik Krammer            Oceanside
4.  Mark Webb            Oceanside

Legends (50 +)
1.  Witt Rowlett            Carlsbad
2.  Dave Kerr                        Oceanside
3.  Scott Saunders            San Clemente

Grommets (Boys 12 & under)
1.  Colton Overin            San Clemente
2.  Brooks Bushman            Oceanside
3.  Austin Crockett            Aliso Viejo
4.  Reese Wahlin            Capistrano Beach
5.  Tyler Killeen            Long Beach
6.  Tobie Grierson            Laguna Beach

Boys (13-14)
1.  Mikey Prestie            Oceanside
2.  Spencer Bentley            Carlsbad
3.  Brooks Bushman            Oceanside
4.  Lucas Johnson            Carlsbad

Junior Men (15-17)
1.  J D MacFadden            Oceanside
2.  Keyen Bentley            Carlsbad
3.  Brandon Dreyer            Oceanside
4.  Max Gardenier            Oceanside

Gromettes (Girls 12 & under)
1.  Kylie Loveland            Carlsbad
2.  Avalon Johnson            Carlsbad
3.  Caitlan Byers            Oceanside
4.  Bry Macaraeg            Oceanside
5.  Jadyn Heit                        Oceanside
6.  Kailey Newtson            Oceanside

Open Women Shortboard
1.  Heather Jordan            Oceanside
2.  Dresden Rowlett            Carlsbad
3.  Heather Pine            Oceanside
4.  Bryn Lutz                        Carlsbad
5.  Hayley Conant            Oceanside
6.  Jenny Promacks            Fallbrook
7.  Marisa Kuiken            Carlsbad.