14-Year-Old Kanoa Igarashi Beats the Big Boys in DNA Pro Jr

If you can actually remember being 14, an extra year makes a huge difference in athletic ability. So this Saturday, March 10, when 14-year-old Kanoa Igarashi blazed past an entire field of 20-and-under Junior Men to take the DNA Energy Pro in New Smyrna, Florida it was a feat of raw surfing talent.

“Before I came here I wasn’t feeling like I was going to win,” said Igarshi after the event. “I just wanted to do well and make some points. Once I made a lot of heats I put my head to it and started thinking I could do it.”

Kanoa is one of Quiksilver’s upcoming young guns, so expect to see a lot more of the young Californian.

DNA Energy Pro Junior Final Results:
1 –
Kanoa Igarashi (USA) 13.94
2 – Daniel Glenn (USA) 12.84
3 – Evan Thompson (USA) 10.46
4 – Ryan Croteau (USA) 7.76

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Kanoa Igarashi Mini Freak from Toby Cregan on Vimeo.