“156 Tricks” Premieres In Costa Mesa … At A Bowling Alley

On Saturday, December 1, Volcom premiered its newest surf video, 156 Tricks.

Hundreds of awestruck teenagers squeezed into Costa Mesa’s Kona Lanes to get a gander at Ozzie Wright, the star of the movie, who has been hyped to mythical proportions by Volcom and the editorial staffs of a number of surf publications.


The movie, only twenty minutes long, features every possible angle — 156, to be exact — of “Osca” doing frontside and backside 360s. Ozzie also attempts to caveman a rail into the water and nearly pulls a legitimate kickflip. Spliced in between is some action of other Volcom teamriders, including Dean Morrison and Bruce Irons.

If different is good, then 156 Tricks is great. It’s not pretty: the film stock looks like a 1960s Bigfoot movie, and it’s intentionally rough. The soundtrack screams at you and is schizophrenic. It’s Oscar Wright, uncensored — loud, chaotic, and raw.


After the movie, some of the crowd huddled in the back of the alley to watch punk-rock band 400 Blows, while the rest of the crowd bowled gutter balls.