16th Annual Surf For The Sea Results

2012 Surf For The Sea Surf Contest

The 16th Annual Surf for the Sea surf contest was held at the Oceanside North Jetty on Saturday and Sunday, September 8 & 9, 2012. This surfing event is in loving memory of the late Harry Bennett, Steve Leighton, Tore Bonura, Chuck "Clubber" Hundley, Banning Capps, Court Overin, John Craven, Midget Smith, Casey Williams and Chris Pompa, and most recently Michael Pulse. They are all local surfers who have passed away. This is an annual memorial benefit for the Environment with proceeds going to the Surfrider Foundation, San Diego Chapter, and other environmental organizations that help to raise awareness and help protect our ocean, waves and beaches.

191 competitors received an event T-Shirt, lunch catered by Johnny Manana's Restaurant and a chance at many raffle prizes including 7 surfboards and 4 skateboards. Local merchants and sponsors who help make this event a success year after year are: Asylum Surf Shop, Bodyglove Wetsuits, Byrne Surfboards, Chemistry Surfboards, Custom X Bodyboards, DC Shoes, Destination Surf, Dragon Optical, Etnies Surfwear, FCS Fin Control Systems, Firewire Surfboards, Fox Deluxe, GLS Surf & Rescue Boards, Headhunter Sunscreen, Johnny Mananas, Leis by Kalena, Mike Walters M21-13 Surfboards, Midget Smith Surfboards, North County Trophies, Oakley Boardshorts & Optics, PCH Mortgage & Real Estate, Point Conception, Josh Potter Art, Quicksilver, Raen Optics, Raz Surfboards, Skate One/Surf One/Positiv Skateboards, Sol Republic Audio, Spy Optics, Standard Graphics, Stay Covered, Sticky Bumps, Surfride Board Shop, TransWorld SURF, Vitamin Water, and the WSA (Western Surfing Association).

The raffle was made possible by all the generous donations of local merchants and the surfing industry. A very big thank you to everyone for helping to make this another 16th successful year for Surf for the Sea. For more information, please contact Carolyn Krammer, Contest Director at (760) 439-0863 or carolnoceanside@cs.com. Thank You.

Pro/Am Open
1. Doug Van Merlo San Clemente
2. Max Gardenier Oceanside
3. Jason Bennett Oceanside
4. Vince Alessi Oceanside

Men (18-24)
1. Kyle Marre Carlsbad
2. Spencer Bentley Carlsbad
3. Lucas Johnson Carlsbad
4 Max Gardenier Oceanside

Masters (25-34)
1. Zack Rhinehart Oceanside
2. Jamison Newtson Oceanside
3. Taj Tucker Oceanside
4. John Daniels Oceanside
5. Matt Merel Oceanside
6. Greg Abad Oceanside

Senior Men (35-49)
1. Scott Quarrie Oceanside
2. Josh Spengler Oceanside
3. Tom Matthews San Diego
4. Chuck Golden Carlsbad

Legends (50 +)
1. Michael Baron Oceanside
2. Javier Huarcaya Carlsbad
3. Tim Senneff Del Mar
4. Bob Pierce Carlsbad
5. John Douglas Vista
6. Max Cregar Oceanside

Grommets (Boys 12 & under)
1. Makaiah Spiess Carlsbad
2. Kadin Fernandez Temecula
3. Mikey Tamberino Carlsbad
4. Max Phleger Encinitas
5. Ethan Eisenkerch Oceanside
6. Evan Saltes Oceanside

Boys (13-14)
1. Drew Hemnes San Clemente
2. Danny Kenduck Laguna Niguel
3. Jack Matt Carlsbad
4. Jacob Baker Long Beach
5. Simon Hausminger Oceanside
6. Declan Solomon Venice

Junior Men (15-17)
1. Jordan Kudla San Clemente
2. Colton Overin San Clemente
3. Brennan Aubol Encinitas
4. Austin Crockett Alisa Viejo
5. Tai Stratton San Clemente
6. Michael Dennis Carlsbad

Gromettes (Girls 12 & under)
1. Janie Overland Encinitas
2. Hana McEvilly Carlsbad
3. Kaliana Ashkarian San Marcos
4. Liv Stokes Alisa Viejo
5. Skye Phleger Encinitas
6. Coral Rae McDuffee Oceanside

GIRLS (15 * Under)
1. Maya Saulino San Marcos
2. Maile Davis Carlsbad
3. Keili McEvilly Carlsbad
4. Cayla Mayer Carlsbad

Open Women Shortboard
1. Heather Jordan Oceanside
2. Breann Custodio San Diego
3. Larissa Lambrou Solana Beach
4. Michelle Bolanos Oceanside
5. Janelle Ferris Westminister
6. Vanessa Finley Oceanside

Open Womens Longboard
1. Stephanie Schechter San Diego
2. Marcia Reyna Carlsbad
3. Sophia Drewelow Encinitas
4. Paula Douglas Oceanside
5. Jan Tuttle Vista
6. Ally Mason Los Angeles

Junior Longboard (25 & under)
1. Rusty Edwards Oceanside
2. Colin Andrews Rancho Bernardo
3. Jack Costello San Marcos
4. Joey Costello San Marcos

Senior Longboard (26 & over)
1. Aaron Checkwood Oceanside
2. Josh Spengler Oceanside
3. Pablo Fernandez Temecula
4. Jorge Barba Burbank
5. Paul Cauthen Vista
6. Adam Leste Oceanside

Open Coed Bodyboard
1. Sean McElroy Carlsbad
2. Luke Overin San Clemente

Marcello Sallet – Byrne Surfboard
Drew Hemnes – Chemistry Surfboard
Anthony Dickey – Firewire Surfboard
Janie Overland – GLS Softboard
Josh Spengler – M-21-13
Brian Gaylord – Midget Smith Surfboard
Mikey Prestie – Raz Surfboard