17th Street: Reloaded

Seventeenth Street Owner Tom Brown didn’t attend Surf Summit 6, but he didn’t miss out on all the revelry in May. While many surf-industry retailers and execs were in Cabo talking shop and riding set waves, Brown was busy reopening his remodeled flagship store in Virginia Beach.

His move was well worth it. “The {reopening} weekend set new records in volume, and the store has remained at a record pace every day it has been open,” Brown says.


A bunch of local reps were on hand to help Seventeenth Street kick off the weekend-long celebration, which the shop billed as “17th Street Reloaded,” à  la The Matrix. The reps handed out stickers and helped with a prize giveaway on Saturday equaling 10,000 dollars in goods.

“The anticipation from people driving by these past four months {during construction} created a major buzz in town,” reports Brown.

The new flagship, located on the corner of 17th Street and Pacific Avenue in downtown VA Beach, is the ninth Seventeenth Street scattered along the Eastern seaboard. The custom-designed shop features 30-foot ceilings and is constructed primarily of glass and steel. Brown says the curved metal roof that cascades over the front of the shop has the appearance of a giant wave.





Photos courtesy 17th Street.