1st Annual Broken Skateboard Art Show

1st Annual Broken Skateboard  Art Show
Victor Perez, Jason Podlaski, Lynn Weiler
VGroove Studios
April 23-25, 2010
Artist Reception April 23, 7-9pm


To a skateboarder, a broken skateboard is a bad thing. But to the artist featured in the 1st Annual Broken Skateboard Art Show, a broken skateboard is a raw material just waiting to be cut, shaped, and sanded into something new. And that is just what Victor Perez, Jason Podlaski and Lynn Weiler have done for this show. They will be showcasing skateboards that have been transformed into lamps, jewelry and stools. It's all about upcycling, making better things out of trash.

Victor Perez, a Philadelphia native who skated for Santa Cruz Skateboard Company, combines his passion for skateboarding with his love for art to create one of kind lamps out of discarded skateboards.  His ingenious knack to work with what is at hand goes well with Perez's desire to reuse, and makes each lamp different in some way. Perez's lamps vary from the sleek outline of a woman's figure to scraped 'petals' that form a hanging tulip lamp.

An artist of many mediums, Jason Podlaski, Deckstools were born out of a request by his brother to make something out of his broken skateboards. The end product, a Deckstool, was a winning design in the 2007 Future Furniture Competition sponsored by Interior Design Magazine. The sign of wear on the boards from their first life, allows every Deckstool to be the same in construction, but still be one of a kind.

Lynn Weiler makes skateboards look light with her brand Seven Ply. Her mission is to rescue, recycle, and reuse broken skateboards by turning them into unique pieces of jewelry. She breathes new life into these seven layers and converts scuffed up boy toys into accessories with a story. sevenplydesigns.com

The show is free and open to the public.

Show hours:
Fri., April 23rd, 7pm – 10pm
Sat., April 24th, 12pm – 7pm
Sun., April 25th, 12pm – 7pm

VGroove Studios
306 East Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Victor Perez 267-296-5098