2-4 A Surfboard Review

A Surfboard Review

Many people cherish their surfboards. For some, it’s their most prized possesion. This month, we decided the fate of ten beautiful, hand-shaped works of art. By using scientific methods, we can figure out exactly what’s wrong and right with modern surfboards. Technology has come a long way since the days of nine-foot planks. Modern surfboards are lighter, faster, and stronger than any board before them. In order to make sure this new crop of boards is up to par, we put them through the ultimate tests. We used real-life situations that happen all the time.

Test 1: Steamroller vs. Channel Islands

Test 2: Samoan vs. BYB

Test 3: Box Canyon vs. Byrne

Test 4: Sponge Metamorphosis vs. Dick Brewer

Test 5: Angry Mom vs. HIC

Test 6: Extreme Moto Boarding vs. TDK

Test 7: Five angry girls with hammers vs. RUSTY

Test 8: Skateboarders vs. Town & Country

Test 9: Chainsaw Massacre vs. Xanadu, Nirve, Local Motion

Test10: Welding torch vs. Sol Life