20 Reunion Island Sharks To Be Killed After Attacks

Saint Leu Reunion Island

The perfect left at Saint Leu, Reunion Island.

20 Reunion Island Sharks To Be Killed After Attacks

According to multiple internet reports, France has decided to kill 20 tiger and bull sharks off Reunion Island in an effort to figure out why a toxin in the sharks skin gives humans severe food poisoning when consumed. Locals believe the number of sharks has exploded in recent years because fishermen haven't been targeting shark and the attacks on humans are a result. This all comes after two Reunion Island surfers getting attacked in the last few weeks, one dying, and another man losing a foot and hand.

As reported on tvnz.co.nz: France is set to hire professional fishermen to kill some 20 sharks off the Indian Ocean island of Reunion this week in an effort to understand the reasons for a series of attacks in the surfing hotspot. Two surfers have been attacked by sharks within a week.

One narrowly survived the loss of a hand and a foot in a mauling on Sunday while the other died from his injuries last Monday. Officials in the town of Saint-Leu, near a popular surfing spot where Sunday’s attack took place, called on authorities to cull populations of tiger and bull sharks which they say have multiplied in the past year.

Some 300 locals and surfers, angered by the attacks, demonstrated in front of the French island’s central police station demanding the sharks be culled. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has refused a regulated cull, saying scientific studies must be conducted before hunting is allowed, to try to understand the source of a toxin in the sharks’ flesh which leads to severe food poisoning.

Hunting bull sharks – known to attack humans – and tiger sharks is allowed in Reunion, but fishermen have avoided them because of the toxin, and locals say this is why they have flourished.

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