20-Year-Old Shey Yates Signs With No Fear, Sets Sights on 2008 WQS Tour

CARLSBAD, CA — Fresh off a top 20 finish in the 2007 ASP Pro Jr. series, Encinitas local Shey Yates is finalizing a sponsorship contract with No Fear that will help him pursue his pro surfing career on the WQS in 2008.

“I’m really stoked to get some support from No Fear to help me with my travel expenses on the QS this coming year, Yates said. “In addition to the events in the U.S., I’m hoping to get over to Australia, Europe, and maybe even the Maldives in 2008.

In 2007, Yates took on his fellow WQS warriors in few events, advancing into the round of 32 in the 4-Star O’Neill Cold Water Classic and the 2-Star East Coast Surfing Championships n Virginia Beach. He also gouged his way into the quarterfinals in the 2-Star No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta at San Miguel in October.

If he stays focused, Shey believes he can achieve his dream of making a living on WCT. “I get fired up when I see guys like Bobby Martinez and Bede Durbidge make the jump from the QS to the CT after just one or two seasons.

Born and raised in Encinitas, the 20-year-old is a long-time member of the D-Street wrecking crew, comprised of local rippers—Darrell Goodrum, Sean Marceron, Pat Cahill, Dewey Cunnison, and Scotty Hammonds.

“I’ve been watching Shey’s surfing progress over the past couple of years, says No Fear’s VP of Marketing, Britt Galland. “He surfs with a lot of power, and he had a great year in the Pro Jr.s series in 2007. We’re confident he’ll establish a solid ranking in his first full season on the QS.

Also supporting Shey’s pro career in 2008 will be sponsors Electric eyewear, AKA Surfboards, Destination Surf, Nixon watches, and K5 board shops. Get updates on the 2008 WQS results for Shey and his fellow No Fear riders online at www.nofear.com