2000 RUSTY XCEL PRO – Day 1

Sunset Beach, Oahu, HAWAII (November 5, 2000) – Day one of competition ofRusty/XCEL Pro began at 9:30 am in 4 to 6 foot surf. But the tension couldbe felt as surfers knew by day1s end, the surf would rise to 15+ feet.

[IMAGE 1]And that prophecy held true today. Early rounds of the trials were held inclean, barrelling eight foot waves that proved a bit difficult to paddleinto. As mentioned earlier, Sunset can be a shifty wave with sets peakingin two different spots. On average today, surfers were catching two to fourwaves per 22 minute heat. Six surfers battled it out with only 3 advancinginto the next round.

Young standouts include Kalani Chapman, a local 18 year old from Sunset thatplaced first in his heat by scoring high on two waves. On reading the surfat Sunset, 3Conditions were perfect for the contest. Knowing it was goingto come up, I was prepared with different size boards.2 Chapman describes hisexperience in the heat, 3On the second wave, I pulled into the tube(backside), got in but my tailed slipped out. I didn1t come out but I gotextra points.2 Also winning his heat was 15 year old Nathan Carroll whoscored an 8.5 (out of 10) by slashing the wave and pulling off largemaneuvers in powerful surf. Complete results are attached.

[IMAGE 2]By 3 p.m. the surf was closing out across the channel with wave heightseasily reaching 15 feet. Contest organizers had been blessed by mothernature earlier that day with perfect waves and sunny blue skies, but decidedher show of massive waves would best be admired from the beach – therebycalled off the contest due to hazardous surf. Contest will continuetomorrow, surf permitting.