2000 RUSTY XCEL PRO Surf Contest

Fact Sheet

Organization: Xcel Hawaii, Inc.
Event Director: Edmont P. D’Ascoli, President Xcel Hawaii, Inc.
Event: 17th Annual Xcel Pro Surf Contest
Location: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Event Date: October 28, 2000 to November 10, 2000
[IMAGE 1]Event Duration: 3 day contest with a 14 day waiting period
Number of Participants: 128
Prize Money: $20,000.
Sponsors: Rusty, Inc, Xcel Wetsuits, Hawaii Tourism Authority
Broadcast: Bluetorch T.V. on Fox Sports Network
Contact: Mariann at Xcel 808-637-6239, Fax: 808-637-9233, e-mail: info@xcelwetsuits.com.


In November of 1984 Xcel Wetsuits Hawaii produced the first Xcel Pro surf contest at Haleiwa’s Alii Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu. As a part of the business community Xcel committed itself early on to support the local work force and surfers. As a wetsuits manufacturer in Hawaii Xcel found it difficult to promote itself on the mainland. By establishing the Xcel Pro as Hawaii’s premier local surf contest and with a tradition to be held in the finest surf on the North Shore, it helped Xcel slowly gain attention of the U.S. and international surf community.

Since 1984 Xcel has been sponsoring and supporting the Hawaiian Pro-Am Circuit of Surfing (HPAC). This consists of 3-4 contests per year held at various locations throughout the state. The top 2 ranked surfers on the HPAC circuit for the year are seeded into the final rounds of the trials for the Triple Crown events.

In order for the surfers to gain big wave contest experience in January of 1986 the Xcel Pro moved to Sunset Beach. In 1987 the date of the Xcel Pro was changed to October by which it established itself as the kick off event of the winter surf season on the North Shore. The contest became the proving grounds for Hawaii’s top amateurs to break into the pro ranks of the international surf community. It was also used by Hawaii’s experienced pros as a means to test their equipment and contest strategies for the upcoming Triple Crown of Surfing. In 1992 the Xcel Pro became an ASP World Qualifying event.

[IMAGE 2]Xcel Hawaii, Inc and Edmont P. D’Ascoli has produced the Xcel Pro for the last 16 years. It has been consistently held in 6′ to 10′ surf at Sunset Beach in what many consider to be the best surf of all contests for the year on the North Shore. There are only a handful of big wave events throughout the world with a reputation for consistently being held in the best surf. The Xcel Pro promotes Hawaii as the premier big wave surf location in the world. This further enhances Hawaii’s attraction to tourists throughout the winter surf season to come to the North Shore. In doing so they support local businesses and inject needed money into the rural community.