2004 O’Neill Bragger’s Cup presented by TransWorld Surf

2004 O’Neill Bragger’s Cup presented by TransWorld Surf

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – The second stop of the O’Neill Bragger’s Cup presented by TransWorld Surf brought the best shop teams in California to Huntington Beach on Tuesday, August 10th. Shops from Santa Cruz to San Diego brought their teams to the event in hopes of bringing home the coveted Bragger’s Cup. The surf had been small all week, but luckily the ocean served up a new south and west swell for fun waist to chest high surf. And the competitors we’re stoked to be out in the rippable surf and sunny skies (especially O’Neill Surf Shop from Santa Cruz who said it had been cold, foggy, and flat for the past 4 weeks back home).

This event had a unique twist for the teams: No man on man competition, but rather the whole team surfed together in a heat. And so each heat score was comprised of the top wave from each team rider (times 3 judges). So when the riders were out in the line up, they had the chance of working together to make sure they all got good waves. It was interesting to see the shop team work together; a set would roll through and one of the shop riders who already had a good score would give a wave to another member of their team because they were short a good ride.

Even before the event started, the good natured smack talk between shops had begun and Sun Diego’s stacked team was feeling confident they could take the win. But the event was in Huntington Surf and Sport’s backyard and it was anybody’s game. So the first round got underway and saw Huntington Surf and Sport with the highest heat score of 69. Killer Dana and Jack’s looked solid with scores of 65 and 56.5 respectively, defending champ Katin moved on to round two with a score of 55, as well as 4 other teams including Sun Diego.

Round two saw good surfing with HSS again having a high heat score of 69 and Sun Diego followed with a blistering 68.5. Frog House, led by world tour veteran Richie Collins, continued to surf solid and moved in to semi-finals along with Katin. The run was over though unfortunately for Revolution, Killer Dana, O’Neill Surf Shop, and Jack’s as the competition got stiffer and they barely missed the cut.

The semi-finals started and even though Sun Diego was joking about ‘winning it all’ they actually surfed like they meant it as they posted the highest heat of the day–a 72.5–and were led by Darrell Goodrum and Sean Marceron. HSS was still on fire though with the help of Scott Waring and the team posted another score in the high 60’s. Katin and Frog House couldn’t keep up and it was HSS and Sun Diego who would make it to the finals.

But before the finals began, the real battle had to take place: The Shop Owner’s Final! Behind every great shop and great shop team is the owner of a great surf shop. And the owners weren’t going to be denied a chance to show the kids they still had it out in the line up. Todd Roberts from ZJ’s, Billy Stade from the Closet, Chris Saenz from HSS, John Villela from Revolution Surf, Steve Price from Killer Dana, and TK, yes TK from the Frog House, put on the colored jerseys and let loose in the peaks. In the end, Chris Saenz from HSS outlasted them all and took home the $1000 retail order for the shop. Could HSS make it a clean sweep and take home the team title also?

And so the team final got underway and Sun Diego was up first. They were relentless and their half hearted prediction was looking like it was going to come true as Darrell Goodrum, Jen Pollock, Sean Marceron, and Scott Quarrie posted the highest score of the day with an amazing 73.5. But Huntington Surf and Sport was still up to bat and Ninth Street is their local break … So turning on the afterburners was the HSS shop team of Allan Kincade, Dita Saraiva, Chris Waring, and little Courtney Conologue. And they happened to save the best for last with the highest score of the day: a whopping 78.5. Just when you thought Sun Diego and HSS couldn’t get any hotter, they both killed it in the finals and made the O’Neill Bragger’s Cup presented by TransWorld Surf a big success.

Thanks to all the teams that entered and we’ll see you next year! And to Huntington Surf and Sport: you’ve got 363 days left to brag … “