2005 Local Motion Surf Into Summer

Presented by Dakine along with Freesurf Magazine, Boardstories TV & Power 104.3 Radio

What: Hawaii’s Largest Amateur Surf Contest
Where: Magic Island / Ala Moana Bowls Surf Break
When: May 28, 29 & 30, 2005

This past Memorial Day Weekend, the Local Motion Surf Into Summer provided funwaves, fierce competition and good vibes for 325 of Hawaii’s top amateur surfers. The event celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year as Hawaii’s largest and mostprestigious amateur surfing event. With thirteen different divisions whichincluded men, women, boys and girls, the Surf Into Summer provides something foreveryone. Contestants ranged from seven year old Vincent Starn to Fifty five yearold Herb Pruse. With surfing on shortboards, longboards and bodyboards.

The surf at Oahu’s renown Ala Moana Bowls was semi-cooperative, with super cleanwaves, shoulder high to head high (for the Menehunes) on Saturday, then droppingslightly on Sunday and Monday, with glassy mornings and windy afternoons. As theJunior Men’s Champion, Kekoa Cazimero said. “It wasn’t as bad as it looks, thereactually were some pretty good waves. It was enough to do a couple moves…it wasfun.” This year marked Cazimero’s forth Surf Into Summer Championship title. Hewas also a Menehune (Age 11 and under) Champion, as well as a two time Boy’s (age12 to 14) winner. “I don’t know, for some reason, I seem to do pretty good inthis contest every year.” said Cazimero.

With so many of Hawaii’s top amateurs entering this event, it has become ashowcase for Hawaii’s future pros. Local Motion team member, Keanu Asing,celebrated his twelfth birthday by winning a first place trophy in the Menehunedivision, along with a big bag full of prizes. “Hats, sunglasses, a bag … lotsof stuff,” exclaimed Keanu, stoked with his first place bounty. Other youngsurfers destined for the professional ranks included Haku Makaio (Boys 12 to 14Champion), Mikey Mitchell (Men 18 to 24 Champion), and Coco Ho (Girls 17 and underChampion). Fourteen year old Ho posted the highest score of the day with anear-perfect 9.0 in her final. “There was about two minutes left in the heat, butI wanted to wait for a good (wave). Luckily, a nice set came up and I just rode itas far as I could”, said Ho, who lives on Oahu’s North Shore.

Shortboard champions in the adult divisions included Daren Mahoe (Master Mens 25to 34), Mike Akima (Senior Mens 36 and up), and Renee Watkins (Women 18 and up). Longboard champions were Angela Vernon (Women), Genki Kino (Men 30 and under),and Toru Yamaguchi (Men 31 and over). Pulling to the lead in the hotly contestedBodyboard divisions were Tucker Bontecolli (17 and under) and James Clancy (18 andover).

Local Motion would like to extend a big “MAHALO” to all of the sponsors who made this year’s Surf Into Summer a big success, including DAKINE, Boardstories TV,Freesurf Magazine, and Power 104.3 Radio. Mahalo also to Wendal Aoki and the HASAcrew, China Uemura, the Hawaii Water Patrol, Banzai Betty Depolito, Maui Juice forkeeping everyone refreshed in a healthy way, and to all of our venders whoprovided a ton of prizes for the finalists.