2005 Quiksilver California Cup to Kick Off April 7th and 8th in Solid Surf

The National Surf League and Surfline, the Official Surf Report and Forecast Service for the Quiksilver California Cup, calls for back-to-back double-headers on Thursday April 7th and Friday April 8th. A solid WNW swell will be filling in late Wednesday afternoon and will be in full effect for the opening season Game where Santa Cruz goes against defending champions from Orange County.

Morning Games will start at 8am and finish before lunch. Afternoon Games will be started according to the conditions and could be as early as noon and as late as 4pm. Please call the NSL toll free number 1 877 423 1803 or go to nslgame.com for daily updates.

Sean Collins and the Surfline team are a key part of the National Surf League’s event strategy. “In an effort to get the best waves possible, their forecasting really helps sets the schedule. Says NSL founder Brad Gerlach, “with the Games being only 2 and a half hours, we have the flexibility to run the Games according to their forecast and in this case it looks like Thursday and Friday are the days!.

The Quiksilver California Cup starts April 6th and ends with the Championships May 20-22. There are 5 teams made up of the 100 best surfers in California competing for the 2005 championship. Santa Cruz, Ventura, LA, and San Diego will be battling it out to take the Cup away from 2004 defending champions Orange County.

Schedule of Games:
Thursday April 7th:
SC vs. OC — 9am start
SC vs. VC –Afternoon start

Friday April 8th:
SC vs. LA –9am start
SC vs. SD –Afternoon start

Support the Santa Cruz Stormriders in their hometown and visit Quiksilver California Cup Official retailers Oneill Surf Shop and Freeline. On the west side, go downtown to Oneill Surf Shop and on the east side hit up Oneill or Freeline on 41st street.

The NSL is the sport of surfing’s equivalent of the NBA, MLB and NFL. NSL’s mission is to build a unique surfing league dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence and generating consumer awareness for the sport, while creating a fun, competitive format for all types of surfers.

Official Surfline Surf Forecast below:
Wednesday AM: old swell in the water in the waist-chest high+ range.

Wednesday PM: new WNW swell (285-300) starts to fill in on top of the old swell during the late afternoon towards sunset, with head high+ sets arriving by sundown. South to southwest winds develop through the afternoon in the 5-10 knot range for a little bump as a trough extends down out of the Gulf of Alaska.

Thursday: Best day of the swell with head high waves and sets running a couple of feet+ overhead and occasionally bigger. Conditions will be breezy out of the WNW 10-25 knots (strongest in the afternoon) but the Lane will stay at least semi protected.Some tidal issues with 5′ high tides during the late mornings Thursday and Friday.

Friday: swell coming down but still pretty good. Shoulder to head high, with sets running two feet overhead in the morning. Winds are again breezy out of the WNW 15-20 knots+ but conditions at the Lane will remain at least semi protected.

Saturday: Swell on the way out. Sets in the chest-head high range in the morning, backing down through the afternoon. NW winds 10-25 knots+, strongest in the afternoon

Sunday: Possible new, short-medium period WNW swell. Head high++ surf likely, but better surf will be present on the swell earlier in the week.