2005 Rip Curl Cup At Epic Padang Padang

After 20 days of keen anticipation and serious big-wave cravings by Indonesia’s top surfers, on September 8th legendary Padang Padang finally got pumping and gave the green light for the six-star rated surf event of the year, the 2005 Rip Curl Cup.

Voted one of the world’s top-ten waves, Padang Padang, with its dramatic scenery of high-rising limestone cliffs overlooking a turquoise ocean of pumping barrels, made for an amazing surfing contest.

Indonesia’s 32 top surfers (16 qualified from the current ranking, 12 qualified from a previously held trial contest and four specially invited wild cards) entered the prestigious contest to ‘go big or go home’ and to score points towards this year’s ISC title.

“Surfing Padang Padang in a heat with only three other guys when the tide is getting low and it’s getting more and more hollow… I’m stoked! current Indonesian Champion and Rip Curl Rider Pepen Hendrix said.

With all heats being filled up with Indonesia’s most sensational surfers, and with Padang Padang being real generous with its hollow and non-forgiving six-foot barrels, an amazing ten-hour show was put on for the packed beach.

Moving into the finals the caliber of surfing went up even higher, with Rizal Tanjung scoring a full ten points by riding a barrel from out the back, coming out and then riding it on the inside.

“With the surfers and waves that we are seeing at this contest, I could judge all day, a tired but stoked Brian Little said after having done just that.

General Manager of Rip Curl Indonesia Jeffrey Anderson was also excited about the contest and what he called the “best final ever.

“The four best Indonesian surfers on Bali’s best wave, it was awesome!

TransWorld SURF Photographer D.Hump shot from the channel through out the day- “I think everyone knew in it would come down to Riz and Bol. Rizal has dominated Padang for so long but Bol has really come up the last couple of years. It was really close but Bol won and he deserved it. I think this just goes to show how deep the Indonesian talent pool runs. There was also a lot to be said for Betet’s first waves in the final. In my 8 years of shooting the place that was by far the heaviest back side barrel I have seen out there. He should have had a 10 but as the judges view was from the top of the cliff and could not look into it like I was. They had no way of seeing how big, hollow, shallow and critical it was the wave was.

A smooth surfing style, clever picks of high-scoring waves and long tube rides got Made Adi Putra (“Bol) a 1st place and an impressive prize check of Rp 10.000.000. ($1000USD) The win also helped him secure his lead in the 2005 Indonesian Surfing Championship Tour.

Rizal Tanjung placed 2nd , Pepen Hendrix placed 3rd , and Betet (Wayan Merta) placed 4th .

Following the sensational final, and as the sun set over beautiful Padang Padang beach, dance performances, free beers, sexy Rip Curl girls and a pulsating beach party brought the successful day of the 2005 Rip Curl Cup to an end.

Big thanks to Foster Beer, Superade, Go Girl, Trax, Metro Tv, Magic Wave, Surf Time, Oz radio and to all surfers, spectators for making the 2005 Rip Curl Cup the amazing day that it was.