2005 T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline ChampionshipMarch 11-16, 2005

WHAT: 2005 T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline Championship
WHEN: Waiting period, March 11 — 16, 2005 – the best two days.
WHERE: PIPELINE surf break, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore, Oahu.
WHO: Approximately 110 of the best female surfers and bodyboarderswill take on Pipeline.
CONTEST SANCTIONING: Association of Surfing Professionals rules will be used. This is an International Bodyboarding Association regional competition.
OFFICIAL SURFLINE: Surf News Network • (808) 596-SURF (7873)Contest will be broadcast live via the internet at www.surfinglive.com

North Shore, HAWAII — The challenge is set for the “Pipegirlz! There is an elite group of women athletes that will participate in the first annual women’s Pipeline event. The disciplines of surfing, bodyboarding and longboarding are coming together at the most famous surf spot in the world — Pipeline! This famous surfing spot is known for its barreling tube rides and is a challenge at any size.

“This contest will take the women to a new level in the Hawaiian style of competition. Girls in Hawaii grow up competing in three divisions in the amateur events, said Betty Depolito, Contest Director. “Pipeline is a challenging wave and I am confident they can learn from each other. They train hard and deserve to give it a go.

T&C Surf has stepped up to make this historic event a reality! T & C Surf founded in 1971 by local surfboard shaper Craig Sugihara has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It has evolved from one small shop in Pearl City into a multi-faceted international leader and pioneer in the surf industry. Along the way T&C Surf has been instrumental in the evolution of both surfboard design and surfing. Influential team riders like Dane Kealoha, Martin Potter, and Matt Archbold have all helped out to further the sport on our equipment. The same thirst for innovation remains strong today.

“Throughout the years it has been a pleasure to support the growth of surfing through all types of events,” explained the avid surfer and founder Craig Sugihara. “We continue to be involved with competitive surfing at all levels and we are stoked to extend our support to this event. I am sure that this event and the level of surfing by the women will open many eyes. We are honored to be a part of bringing a quality Women’s surfing event at a world-class break to surfers and lovers of surfing around the world.”

This event is dedicated to Courtney Marshal who disappeared while surfing Velzyland in April 2004.

News footage will be provided to all media by request. Contest t-shirts will be available at all seven T&C Surf locations and online at www.banzaibetty.com/contest

SUPPORTING SPONSORS: Nextel, First Hawaiian Bank, Surf & Sea, Seaductive Surfwear and Banzaibetty.com