2008 ESA Championships: Contest Is On Friday AM, Check The Schedule Here

From the ESA:

All Directors,

Thursday, 16:00 2008-09-25, the web site is now current again. It has been a long day for all, but I hope you and your competitor were able unwind a little today. I also wanted to publicly thank Mary Ann Mangiacapre, for the tough decisions she has had to make this week and ask all directors to continue your support of her and our association. I recap of today notices are below…


2008 Easterns Web Site Update Notes:

Thursday 15:45 2008-09-25
Updated all heats (Women LB, Open BB, & Open Shortboard) for Day #4

Updated notice to read:

Thursday, 2pm update: ON FRIDAY at 7am,

Posted the following notice:

Thursday, 2:15pm update: Highway 12 is currently OPENED at Bonner Bridge just
north of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but could be closed again around
high tide.

Posted the following notice:

Thursday, 2pm update: ON FRIDAY at 7am, please have all athletes report to Access
Ramp 55 in Hatteras Village just south of Ocracoke Ferry Terminal. Park in the
“Graveyard of the Atlantic” Museum parking lot only. No parking on streets, side streets,
sandy side areas. 4wheel drives only allowed on beach, park south of contest area.
Stay off dunes, pick up all liter please. First heats in the water will be Jr. Men and Boys.
A Hotline Phone is available at 1-888-632-4742 for any other additional updates. You
can also check at the Natural Art Surf shop in Buxton, click on the Transworld Surf 2008
sponsors link on the right side or listen to 99.1 FM for radio. Check back on this
web page…

Here’s the contest schedule for Friday. Keep in mind this schedule is tentative only, and is subject to change. Competitors are responsible to be on the beach or stay informed at all times.

Time Heat # Beach A Heat # Beach B
Schedule is
07:00 am 1A Junior Mens Round 1 1B Boys Round 1
07:15 am 2A Junior Mens Round 1 2B Boys Round 1
07:30 am 3A Junior Mens Round 1 3B Boys Round 1
07:45 am 4A Junior Mens Round 1 4B Boys Round 1
08:00 am 5A Junior Mens Round 1 5B Boys Round 1
08:15 am 6A Junior Mens Round 1 6B Boys Round 1
08:30 am 7A Junior Mens Round 1 7B Boys Round 1
08:45 am 8A Junior Mens Round 1 8B Boys Round 1
09:00 am 9A Junior Mens Round 1 9B Menehunes Round 1
09:15 am 10A Junior Mens Round 1 10B Menehunes Round 1
09:30 am 11A Junior Mens Round 1 11B Menehunes Round 1
09:45 am 12A Junior Mens Round 1 12B Menehunes Round 1
10:00 am 13A Junior Womens Round 1 13B Menehunes Round 1
10:15 am 14A Junior Womens Round 1 14B Girls Round 1
10:30 am 15A Junior Womens Round 1 15B Girls Round 1
10:45 am 16A Junior Mens Round 2 16B Girls Round 1
11:00 am 17A Junior Mens Round 2 17B Boys Round 2
11:15 am 18A Junior Mens Round 2 18B Boys Round 2
11:30 am 19A Junior Mens Round 2 19B Boys Round 2
11:45 am 20A Junior Mens Round 2 20B Boys Round 2
12:00 pm 21A Junior Mens Round 2 21B Menehunes Round 2
12:15 pm 22A Junior Womens Semi Main 22B Menehunes Round 2
12:30 pm 23A Junior Mens Round 3 23B Menehunes Round 2
12:45 pm 24A Junior Mens Round 3 24B Girls Semi Main
01:00 pm 25A Junior Mens Round 3 25B Boys Round 3
01:15 pm 26A 15 minute break Beach A only 26B Boys Round 3
01:30 pm 27A Junior Men Semi Main 27B Menehunes Semi Main
Five minute break Beach A and Beach B
01:45 pm 28A Junior Longboard Round 1
02:00 pm 29A Junior Longboard Round 1
02:15 pm 30A Junior Longboard Round 1
02:30 pm 31A Junior Longboard Round 1
02:45 pm 32A Menehune Longboard Round 1
03:00 pm 33A Menehune Longboard Round 1
03:15 pm 34A Menehune Longboard Round 1
3:30 pm 35A Menehune Longboard Round 1
3:45 pm 36A Menehune Longboard Round 1
04:00 pm 37A Junior Mens 4 man semi final
04:15 pm 38A Junior Mens 4 man semi final

Thank you for your patience.
Best Always,
Mary Ann Mangiacapre, Interim Comp Director