2008 TRKY Triple Crown Wrap Up

The fun folks at Turkey Clothing put on event #1 of the "TRKY Triple Crown" surf series in Laguna Beach, Ca. on Sunday, October 5th. The "TRKY Oktoberfest Challenge" saw epic 4-6ft. sunny and glassy a-frame combo peaks at Thalia St. Reef.

Under the hot Indian summer sun the Turkey gang set up the contest site under a big tent, ice cold XS Energy drinks, homemade turkey sandwiches, DJed bumping music, Halloween candy and a big blow up turkey for the grommet gobblers to play on. By late afternoon the finals wrapped up with some unforgettable performances and champions were crowned and awarded with fun goodie bags full of stuffing from Turkey, Electric, DVS, Laguna Surf & Sport and XS Energy.

The winner of each division were crowned the "TRKY golden gobbler" and presented with an epic homemade "TRKY Triple Crown" plaque. The award for "Best TRKY Toob of the Day" went to young 12 year-old Timmy Gamboa who scored an epic 3-foot stand up pit on a grinding left off the reef. Congratulations to all finalists and to everyone who participated in the "TRKY Oktoberfest Challenge."

Event #2 is the "TRKY Gobble Gobble Grand Slam" and will be held the weekend of November 8th or 9th in Laguna Beach, Ca. depending on which day the surf forecast is looking best. The last contest of the series is the "TRKY Santa Shoot Out Championships" to be held the weekend of December 6th or 7th. Who will be the TRKY Triple Crown Champion?

Contact Laguna Surf & Sport regarding information on the next two events at (949) 497-7000 or www.surfandsport.com

Check out more TRKY stuffing at: www.turkeyusa.com

TRKY Oktoberfest Challenge Results:

1st place: Porter Hogan
2nd: Daschel Pierson
3rd: Christian St.Clair
4th: Andrew Palmer

13 to 15yrs.
1st: Andrew Redding-Kaufman
2nd: Dane Zarinelli
3rd: Hunter Smith
4th: Adam Mejia

12 & Under
1st: Teague Hamilton
2nd: Timmy Gamboa
3rd: Derek Strombotne
4th: Shane Chapman