2009 Billabong Pro J-Bay Preview

Jeffrey's Bay can easily be called the money wave on the Dream Tour. This time of year it's receiving constant SW swells and seems to always produce for the elite on Tour to get out and run on their fronthand. J-bay is a tough wave for goofyfooters though and unless you're Occy, odds are against a goofy making it past the quarters (Nathan Hedge was the last goofyfooter in a final when he lost to Andy Irons in 2004).

Speaking of Occy, this year's Billabong Pro has an added draw with the Challenge of the Icons—Occy vs. Tom Curren. Both destroy this wave and their heated rivalry of old will once again be on display. It will be interesting to see how intense things get between the two—will we be witness to another epic installment between two of the best all-time?

With a new swell about to hit later this week—check out Magic Seaweed's forecast for the latest—J-bay looks to be another banger in the recently ignited race for the World Title. The holding period starts July 9th, so stay tuned to transworldsurf.com for full coverage and watch the contest at billabongpro.com.

With $30 Gs up for grabs courtesy Fantasy Action Sports League, you better have a team going yourself.


TransWorld SURF Editor’s FASL Team Picks:

Chris Cote (1/3)

Winner: Am I dumb for not saying Kelly Slater? Probably, so I'll go ahead and be safe and say that Kelly Slater will win J-bay—big surprise. Oh, and in the Challenge Of The Icons—Occy all the way! Best goofy foot ever, and best surfer at J-bay, period. Speaking of goofyfooters, CJ Hobgood will finish in the top 3.
Shocker: Nathaniel Curran will get =9th, a young wildcard will take out some top contenders.
Best Rookie Performance: Kekoa Bacaslo is gonna throw some heat at J-Bay

Casey Koteen (0/3)

Winner: Jordy Smith. It's time for Jordy to go all the way. You know what I mean. He's had a good start to this year and I think his confidence is at an all time high, especially after nailing that rodeo seen round the world.
Shocker: Well it's not really a shocker, but it's soooooo rad they got the Occy vs Curren heat on. And Occy is going to smoke TC, this coming from a regular footer and Tom Curren aficionado.
Best Rookie Performance: I'd say Bourez, but I don't think he's ever surfed J-Bay before. So I'll go with Kekoa Bacalso.

Aaron Checkwood (0/3)

Winner: Mick…he's due and it'll make everything more interesting.
Shocker: Damien… A goofy footer will make the final and I think it'll be him.
Best Rookie Performance: Bourez power attack!

Justin Cote (1/3)

Winner: It seems like whoever I pick loses first round…so I'll say Adriano De Souza. His style irks me.
Shocker: Parko's gonna make the World Title race interesting by losing out early.
Best Rookie Performance: Kekoa Bacalso is gonna eat an ostrich before his heat and throw buckets all the way to Cape Town.

Ryan Brower (0/3)

Winner: J-bay can be won by Kelly, Taj, Mick, or Parko at any time. I'm going with the eldest statesman after his post-Brazil win words: "I've got them right where I want them." He's going to win ten, remember?
Shocker: Considering SA is Jordy territory, and he's made the semis here before, I don't know how much of a shocker this is gonna be – but it's gonna be Jordy and Kelly butting heads in the final where ultimately the old man wins.
Best Rookie Performance: J-bay is the perfect wave for Kekoa Bacalso to really show the world those Hawaiian power hacks.