2009 Cali Rally Starting Lineups

Announcing the starting lineups for the much-anticipated 2009 Cali Rally. With the returning champions from Billabong joining teams from …Lost, Analog and Reef, the 2009 Cali Rally is shaping up to be the gnarliest road trip these guys have ever been through! Stay right here to follow the Cali Rally as it goes down!

Cali Rally Team Rosters

Team Billabong—Cali Rally Defending Champions

Johnny Craft: Made out with a 50-year old cougar on the Cali Rally last year. Looking to go older in '09.
Dane Zaun: Rumored to get beat up by little bro Kelly, he better toughen up soon.
Sam Hammer: Thought we were doing it New Jersey this year…
Mystery Guest: Maybe they'll bring Occy?
Billy Watts: Will be wearing the old school "Bad Billy" trunks the whole time.
Video guy: Matt Wybenga. Hope he has thick skin…

Cali Rally Team Analog

Team Analog (above)

Josh Hoyer: Newport Beach-bred man of darkness.
Jason Harris: Mellow 20-year old HB local will need to get fired up to win.
Nick Fowler:
17-years old makes him the grom of the trip. Watch out Nick.
Brightton Brandenburger: Nicknamed "Bones" but not for the reason you think.
Filmer: James Lugo. Check out www.shorescrew.com…he runs Newps!
Carl Steindler. Looks like the kid in 2 ½ Men.
Driver/Team Manager: Geoff Moysa. Already has some evil tricks up his sleeve.

Cali Rally Team Reef

Team Reef (above)

Paul Fisher: Has no idea you can be arrested for public nudity in California.
Sean Moody: Has the body of a Greek God—just ask him.
Nick Rozsa: Not the guy you cheated off in school.
Chris Abad: Famous for dating a girl who was almost Miss TransWorld SURF.
Team Filmer: Bret Carasso. That pretty long hair could get sabo’ed….
Team Photog: Chris Straley. Nicknamed “Little Hippo.”
Team Managers: Amy Delee. Amy joins the Cali Rally as the 1st female to do so. Pray for her.

Team …Lost

Chase Wilson: Just graduated high school yet a veteran Rally-er.
Dylan Melamed: 18-year old from Kauai who has no idea what he's got himself into.
Chucky "Chukalupo" Rigano: Hasn't got a box of gear from …Lost in ages.
Josh Stone: LA area 18-year old who just came onto …Lost and could be in for a shocker.
Team Manager/Driver: Ryan Simmons: Did the Cali Rally last year and has the emotional scars to prove it.
Team photog: James Tull: Former TransWorld SURF intern who's all big time now.