2009 PacSun USA Surf Team Announced

The 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team. Check the full gallery below. All photos courtesy AJ Neste/Surfing America

San Juan Capistrano, Calif. – August 25, 2008 – Surfing America, the national governing body for the sport of surfing, is excited to name eight new USA Surfing Champions after the youth divisions wrapped up in
two-to-four foot Huntington Beach, CA surf. After six days of competition at the SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by PacSun, the new PacSun USA Surf Team was also announced.

“The level of surfing at this year’s USA Champs was unbelievable,” said Surfing America executive director Mike Gerard. “The performances were tremendous, the judging was spot on, and the new PacSun USA Surf Team looks stronger than ever.”

Hawaiian Keanu Asing proved the standout of the event by taking USA titles in both the Boys Under 18 and Boys Under 16 divisions amongst a stacked field. Asing, who surfed for the Hawaii team at the Quiksilver ISA World Junior Championships, is ineligible for the PacSun USA Surf Team but showed his mainland counterparts that he was the form surfer throughout the event.

“I wasn’t really thinking of a double. I just tried to get good waves and surf really good,” said Asing. “It’s cool to come here see all the USA guys and compete hard with them. I just tried to do my best and have fun.”

Conner Coffin, who suffered an early elimination in Under 16s, gave Asing a run for the title but came up short in the rapidly deteriorating conditions. Nonetheless, Coffin secured his spot on the 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team.

The top female finisher in Girls Under 18 was Santa Ana, CA’s Courtney Conlogue. Conlogue defeated the 2007 champion Sage Erickson by busting big bottom-to-top combos, edging out double finalist Taylor Pitz for the win.

“I was pretty nervous going into that heat,” said Conlogue. “All the girls were really good and it was just a final where you had to have your game on or you’d go down.”

Conlogue, at 15 years old, elected to only surf in the Under 18s, while most of her competitors surfed in both divisions. The decision proved beneficial, as she remained focused throughout.

“Just surfing in one division gave me confidence,” Conlogue continued. “But I didn’t have that second chance, so I had to go full force. I had more motivation to do well.”

Also qualifying for the PacSun USA Surf Team was Hawaiian Nage Melamed, who brought forth outstanding performances throughout the entire event. Melamed won the Girls Under 16 title in the final minutes, overtaking South Carolina’s Keenan Lineback.

San Clemente, CA’s Kolohe Andino and Hawaii’s Ian Gentil defended their USA titles in Boys Under 14 and Boys Under 12, respectively. Gentil pushed Andino by taking second in Under 14.

“I like this event because they make you feel cool,” said Andino. “The four-man, twenty-minute heat format is sick. It’s a great event and I love doing it. Making the USA team is a great privilege. Plus you get to train
with Coach Joey Buran and go around the world with your friends to compete.”

At the conclusion of the surfing action, Coach Buran was excited about the 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team roster.

“This is a much better place than we were last year because there is already a solid program in place,” said Buran. “The goal of the selection was to have surfers on the roster who will compete for those three ISA starting spots and we have that.”

Official Results of the 2008 SIMA Surfing America USA Championships presented by PacSun:

Boys Under 18:
1) Keanu Asing (HI)
2) Conner Coffin (CA)
3) Fisher Heverly (NC)
4) Chase Wilson (CA)

Girls Under 18:
1) Courtney Conlogue (CA)
2) Taylor Pitz (CA)
3) Sage Erickson (CA)
4) Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA)

Boys Under 16:
1) Keanu Asing (HI)
2) Taylor Thorne (CA)
3) Andrew Doheny (CA)
4) Nathan Carvalho (HI)

Girls Under 16:
1) Nage Melamed (HI)
2) Keenan Lineback (SC)
3) Taylor Pitz (CA)
4) Lani Doherty (HI)

Boys Under 14:
1) Kolohe Andino (CA)
2) Ian Gentil (HI)
3) Parker Coffin (CA)
4) Jacob Halstead (CA)

Girls Under 14:
1) Nikki Viesins (FL)
2) Quincy Davis (NY)
3) Tatiana Weston-Webb (HI)
4) Emily Ruppert (FL)

Boys Under 12:
1) Ian Gentil (HI)
2) Kanoa Igarashi (CA)
3) Daniel Glenn (FL)
4) Brogie Pansai (CA)

Girls Under 12:
1) Tatiana Weston-Webb (HI)
2) Miah Collins (CA)
3) Taylor Blake (CA)
4) Rachel Tilly (CA)

The following athletes were selected to the 2009 PacSun USA Surf Team:

Boys Under 18:
Nathan Carvalho (HI)
Andrew Doheny (CA)
Victor Done (CA)
Fisher Heverly (NC)
Kyle McGeary (CA)
Balaram Stack (NY)
Chase Wilson (CA)
Nat Young (CA)
Dane Zaun (CA)

Boys Under 16:
Kolohe Andino (CA)
Conner Coffin (CA)
Ian Crane (CA)
Luke Davis (CA)
Evan Geiselman (FL)
Taylor Thorne (CA)

Girls Under 18:
Courtney Conlogue (CA)
Quincy Davis (NY)
Lani Doherty (HI)
Kaleigh Gilchrist (CA)
Keenan Lineback (SC)
Nage Melamed (HI)
Lakey Peterson (CA)
Taylor Pitz (CA)

Super Juniors Under 14:
Taylor Clark (CA)
Parker Coffin (CA)
Jake Halstead (CA)
Andrew Jacobson (CA)
Colin Moran (CA)
Cam Richards (SC)
Nikki Viesins (FL)