2010 Cali Rally Starting Lineups


Announcing The 2010 Cali Rally Starting Lineups

Announcing the starting lineups for the 2010 TransWorld SURF Cali Rally. Kicking off Friday August 13 (yep, Friday the 13th) and presented by Subaru, Verizon, Catch Surf, and Banshee Bungee, and with three new teams joining the mayhem, the 2010 Cali Rally figures to be the wildest yet.

2010 Cali Rally Starting Lineups (we say "starting" because the rallyers have been known to break limbs and shit).

Defending Champions Team Analog
-Scott Hammonds, 22, Encinitas CA. Die Hard SD Charger Fan and looking to take down the cougar challenges this year.
-Sterling Weatherley, 19, San Diego, CA. Younger brother of Benji and Jason. The "Silent Assassin" on the team this year.
-Nick Fowler, 18, Newport Beach, CA. Looking to step it up this year and maybe go to Jail now that he is 18.
-Josh Hoyer, Old Enough, Newport Beach, CA. Last year's MVP and looking to once again to show what he's got.
-James Lugo, Team Filmer. Go to www.shorescrew.com to see what he does in his spare time…
-Carl Steindler, Team Photo guy. Hot Carl…making us all look bad once the story hits the web and magazine.
-Geoff Moysa, Road and team manager.

Team Sector 9
-Rob "Tlombor" Molt: Captain Rob Molt just spent 3 days in a monastery only drinking water.
-Scott "Chad" Gerrent: Filmer extraordinaire gave up TMZ shoots to be with the Niners.
-Adam "Beers" Virs: Have you ever had a keg of beers land on you?
-Jarrah "Jar" Tutton: The dude is from Australia need we say more?
-Ricky "Lock" Whitlock: Don't let the pretty face fool you, "The Lock" means biz.
-Balaram "Ballsack" Stack: The Secret Weapon will come into his own on this trip. Boy to man.

Team Ergo
-Shea “The Professor” Lopez. As a family man, we do not see Shea getting too crazy, but with years of experience and an iPhone contact book that would choke a small horse, it wasn’t a question. Every team needs a Dad.
-Brendan “Buck Naked” Buckley. We brought this kid along to do all the gnarly stuff. With a name like "Buck Naked", we promise he will not let anyone down. If you look up Cali Rally in the dictionary it shows a picture of him.
-Josie “Gringo Loco” Graves. This crazy gringo has the eye of the tiger and will do everything he can to make sure ERGO wins.
-Corban “Everyone’s Friend” Campbell. Corban is the newest guy to the ERGO team and has more energy then everyone else put together. This guy knows everyone and we needed a place to stay in SD, so we put him on… not to mention… he rips!
-Tommy “The Jaded Grom” Ihnken. This shit grom is naturally talented at everything and made the team because he has the knowledge and wisdom of a 40 year old… all at the ripe age of 18. This grom will pull chicks and is guaranteed to prosper in any weird challenge or situation.
-Pat “Tupat” Eichstaedt, Ergo team Photog. Not really sure why Tupat is the photog since he never really gets photos… guess he’s just a good time to have around.
-Carmen “Dude Their 18 I Swear” Vicari, team videographer. We figured that if we had to bring a filmer it might as well be one that blacks out on the reg.

Team Rusty
-Spencer Regan. Newly 21 looking for his first beer and tattoo.
-Sam Rosco. Signed up for grom abuse and hazing. If shit gets messy this groms going in head first…
-Miles Smith. Will do anything for food…
-Damien Fahrenfort. Smooth talking South African man candy.
-Dirt Irons. Sucks being me.
-Ranga Blake. Sucks being a Ginger.

2010 Cali Rally Checkpoint Sponsors
SD Checkpoint:
-ASR Trade Show
-Moxi Roller Skates

Orange County Checkpoint:

Los Angeles Checkpoint:

Santa Cruz Checkpoint:
-Santa Cruz Surfboards