2010 Cali Rally: The Final Videos From The 4 Teams

Below you’ll find four of the most fu—ked up “surf videos” you’ve ever seen and it’s all our fault. You see, we came up with the Cali Rally as a way to torture pro surfers as a penance of sorts for having the best “jobs” in the world. We awarded teams points for stunts such as smoking a hippie’s dreadlock, jumping into contaminated creeks and rivers, surfing Bird Rock dressed a Bird Rock Bandit, and more ridiculous/funny/gay/absurd/even more gay/and hilarious shit (see below for the full list o challenges). So, for your viewing pleasure (or disgust) sit back, relax, and watch what these guys will do for fame and glory and the overall title of 2010 Cali Rally Champions (Sector 9).

Above: Team Ergo’s 2010 Cali Rally Video

Above: Team Rusty’s 2010 Cali Rally Video

Above: Team Analog’s 2010 Cali Rally Video

Above: Team Sector 9’s 2010 Cali Rally winning video.

2010 Cali Rally List Of Challenges

Surf Trick Challenges
200 Points—Floater to body varial.
200 Points—Coffin tube ride.
200 Points—Ally oop.
400 Points—Two airs on one wave.
200 Points—Ride a wave with your board upside down.
300 Points —Tandem ride with a mom or dad of a team member.
300 Points—Passion Pop.
300 Points—Switchstance tube ride.
200 Points —Slob grab air.
300 Points—Kerrupt flip
200 Points—Mute grab air.
400 Points—Judo air.
300 Points—Pull a varial
200 Points —Switchstance floater.
200 Points—Backside air reverse.
200 Points—Front side air reverse.
500 Points—Barney roll.
400 points—Sushi roll.
300 points—Superman air.
400 points—Stand up barrel shot.
200 points—Backside grab rail floater.
300 points—Air over a human.
400 Points—Air on a Beater board.
400 Points—Tandem floater.
500 Points—Longboard to Beater board transfer.

Overall Super Challenges
500 points—Build an Alia, surf it, and burn it.
200 points—Ride a wave while flying a kite.
200 points—Crash your car (or van) into something.
800 points—Get a Transworld SURF tattoo.
400 points—Write and record a theme song, make a music video for it.
300 points—Autograph a set of boobs.
100 points—Photo of a team member puking.
400 points—Make a zine following your adventures on the Cali Rally.
300 points—Team member gets body wax.
300 points—Team food fight in a fast food restaurant.
200 points—Make out with a 30+year old.
300 points—Make out with a 40 + year old.
400 points—Make out with a 50 + year old.
500 points—Shape surfboard and ride it on the Cali Rally.
300 points—Get stitches.
400 points—Broken bone.

Cali Rally Gives Back
Co-creator of the Cali Rally, Pat Towersey is feeling charitable, so he's gonna give out some big points to the teams that do good things. Hence the Cali Rally Gives Back.
500 Points—Give a kook a makeover. Find a total barney and make him cool by outfitting him with a new look and give him a surf lesson.
500 Points—Teach a group of inner city kids how to surf, go through the Boys And Girls Club or Stoked Mentoring.
500 Points—Organize a beach clean up, get at least ten kids involved.500 Points—Find a bum and get him a haircut, shave, and a whole new outfit. Take him to lunch and make him smile.
500 Points—Stop by a Billabong Surf Camp and give a speech about the redeeming qualities of the sport of surfing.
500 Points—Organize a fundraiser for the victims of the Gulf oil spill. Have a band play, hold an auction, rally the crowd, get a group shot with a sign that says "F.U. BP" (100 extra points for every $100 dollars raised).
500 Points—Visit a children's hospital and bring a bunch of stuffed animals, stickers, and clothes to the sick kids.
500 Points—Visit and old folks home a volunteer to be waiters at lunch time.
500 Points—Donate a big-ass bag of clothes to the Salvation Army.
500 Points—Give a 100 Dollar cash donation to the charity of your team's choice.

San Diego Challenges
200 Points—Team paddle in a fountain in Downtown San Diego.
200 Points—All four team members ride the wave (at the same time) at The Wavehouse.
300—Catch a wave at Bird Rock dressed up like a "Bird Rock Bandit".
400—Split the peak at Wind And Sea.
200—Skateboard on the reef at Hospitals in La Jolla.
200—Team rock climb the wall at Boomers.
300—Bungee Banshee under the bridge at Del Mar Rivermouth (Dog Beach).
200 Points—Go to the Del Mar Racetrack and bet on a horse with a sexual sounding name.
200 Points—Get a kiss from a cougar in hat at the Del Mar Racetrack.
200 Points—Paint your body and pose as the Cardiff Kook while standing in front of the Cardiff Kook.
200 Points—Get a ride in the Lifeguard truck at Moonlight Beach.
1000 Points—Double Surf Sacrifice—burn one team member's board in the fire pit at Moonlight, and give another board to a needy grom.
400 Points—Hire a migrant worker to surf for your team. (They hang on Encinitas Blvd. two blocks inland from Moonlight Beach) He has to stand up, and you have to hook him up with a full outfit after he surfs.
300 Points—Play naked doubles tennis at the Moonlight Beach Tennis Courts.*
400 Points—Stationary surf in the outgoing river at warm Water Jetties (using your Banshee Bungee or any other rope).*
300 Points—Find two Marines and take them to lunch, to thank them for serving your country.
300 Points—Banshee Bungee yourself across the shit-river at Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside
400 Points—Buy French fries from the McDonald's under the Oceanside Pier, one team member drops a fry off the pier, and the other catches it in his mouth, no hands.
400 Points—Do an air at DMJs.
300 Points—Find the "Welcome To Oceanside" sign, and replace "Oceanside" with Cali Rally—"Welcome To The 2010 Cali Rally"
*This is an illegal activity, TransWorld SURF accepts no responsibility if you get arrested doing this challenge.

Los Angeles Challenges
400 Points—Team photo, in wetsuits, with boards, at the front gate of Disneyland.
500 Points—Team photo riding Splash Mountain at Disneyland.
500 Points—"Fall" off the Mark Twain Riverboat into the lake.
300 Points—Ride Pirates Of The Caribbean in Speedos
300 Points—Titanic style "I'm the king of the world photo" on the bow of the Queen Mary.
400 Points—Dress up like Queens on the Queen Mary.
300 Points—Team ride around the Rainbow Lagoon in a paddleboat.
400 Points—Jump off the Redondo Pier.
300 Points—Banshee Bungee Skimboard through the Hermosa Beach Pier.
500 Points—Paddle across Marina Del Rey harbour mouth (from Playa Del Rey to Venice)
400 Points—Team rides the same wave in Venice.
400 Points—Team Paddle in one of the Venice canals.
400 Points—Skate train around the new Venice beach Skatepark.
400 Points—Team protest outside Moonshadow's in Malibu with a big sign that says, "Mel Gibson Is Innocent!"
500 Points—Get some girls to do a sexy "American Apparel" style photo shoot at the American Apparel store in Malibu.
600 Points—Use the Banshee Bungee and a longboard to tow a team member in on a shortboard at Malibu.
400 Points—Jump the PCH Bridge into the Malibu lagoon.
400 Points—Go tandem with a random Stand Up Paddler at Malibu.
500 Points—Team sand hill bomb down the dunes near Point Magu
300 Points—Catch a wave at Supertubes.

Central California And Santa Cruz
700 Points—Protest whale killing in Whalers Cove (off the 1 just before Carmel) by re-enacting a whale slaughter with your team, make it bloody. Hold a sign that says "TransWorld SURF Hates Whale Killers"
500 Points—Team photo on the green at Pebble Beach, in Speedos.
400 Points—Team swim in Forrest Lake.
400 Points—Catch a wave at Moss Landing wearing trunks.
500 Points—Make a rope swing with your Banshee Bungee and swing into the river from the train bridge in Capitola (off Wharf road).
300 Points—Banshee Bungee through the Capitola Pier.
300 Points—Put your surfboard on top of your skateboard and take a run at the
400 Points—Get footage and photos of your team "Tarp Surfing" in Santa Cruz.
500 Points—Get a double-tarp tube with Homer, Omar, or Lamb.
400 Points—Go tandem with a girl at Pleasure Point.
500 Points—Get a good surf or skate shot of Nelly.
400 Points—Get your board painted by Barney.
400 Points—Go to the boardwalk and win a stuffed animal for the boys at TransWorld SURF.
400 Points—Spin a killer stand-up 360 on your Beater Board at Steamer Lane.
500 Points—Jump off the cliff at Steamer Lane holding hands with a teammate.
400 Points—Find a hippie, buy a dreadlock off of him, and smoke it (this one was too good not to do again)
400 Points—Get Vince Collier to put you in a headlock.
500 Points—Team photo on the rock island straight off of Woodrow Ave.
500 Points—All four teammates stand up paddle on one board and catch a wave at Cowell’s Cove.
600 Points—Streak from the Jacuzzi at The Dream Inn all the way to the ocean—day or night.