2010 FASL Launches; Offers $1,000 For Free Play

We’ve launched our Leagues just in time for the 2010 Surf Season. Public or Private, enter your Free Team or your Premium Team, the choice is yours.  We’re also offering $1,000 for the Top League. See details here: fantasyactionsportsleague.com/surf/leagues.php

Don’t miss your chance at over $2,000 in Cash and Prizes up for grabs on Fantasy Action Sports League for the Quiksilver Pro. FASL is offering $1,000 for first place along with another $1,000 in cash and additional prizes for the top 25 placing Teams. FASL 2010 Surf Season is live now with over $30,000 in Cash and Prizes

-Great Prizes for Free Games including a Billabong Prize Pack
-Over $2,000 in Cash and Prizes for the Quiksilver Pro
-Over $10,000 in Cash and Prizes for the 2010 Season
-Event or Season Game just $9.99
-Hurry. Trading for the Quiksilver Pro ends with the start of Heat 1.Sign up for the Quiksilver Pro closes at the start of heat 1. The waiting period starts Feb 27.

Sign up for the FREE GAME for First Time Users – $50 Winner Take All