2010 US Open Of Surfing Forecast


2010 Us Open Of Surfing Forecast, courtesy Surfline.com (the official forecaster of the US Open of Surfing)

BRIEF OVERVIEW: South-southwest swell will continue on Monday with chest-head high+ surf, gradually fade on Tuesday and then offer smaller leftovers for the middle part of the week. A new, inconsistent southwest swell will slowly build Friday and looks strongest over the weekend, although smaller than the current swell for Huntington Beach. The mornings will generally offer the best conditions over the next few days, with the lightest wind and smoothest surface conditions. Light to moderate onshore flow will build in the afternoons.


SWELL/SURF: Holding SSW swell with 3-5'+ faces and some occasional larger waves.

WIND: Light W wind early, with light to moderate WSW to W wind in the afternoon.


SWELL/SURF: Easing SSW swell with 3-4' occasional 5' faces. The surf will be strongest in the morning, decreasing in size and consistency for the afternoon.

WIND: Light SW wind early, with light to moderate WSW wind in the afternoon.


SWELL/SURF: Fun size SSW swell leftovers with less consistent 3-4' faces.

WIND: Light SW wind early, with moderate W wind in the afternoon.


SWELL/SURF: Mainly leftovers from the SSW with 2-3'+ faces and a few leftover larger sets.

WIND: Light SW wind early, with moderate W wind in the afternoon.


SWELL/SURF: Mix of leftover SSW swell and slow building, new SW swell for 2-3' faces in the morning and very occasional 4' waves developing for the afternoon.

WIND: Light SW wind early, with moderate W wind in the afternoon.


SSW swell will continue Monday: Chest to head high sets can be expected through the day, even larger at times and running slightly overhead. Slow fading surf will take over on Tuesday with smaller, fun size leftovers on Wednesday. A further decrease in surf is expected on Thursday.

For the last couple days of the contest holding period a new SW swell will build in from a storm that was recently near New Zealand. At this point we're expecting a gradual rise in size through the day on Friday the 6th, with the largest surf from this swell for the weekend of the 7th-8th. This westerly SW swell will be partially blocked/shadowed by Catalina and San Clemente Islands, so we're expecting very inconsistent waist-chest to maybe shoulder high sets over the weekend of the 7th-8th. We'll have further details on that in the next couple days.

We also continue to keep an eye on the tropics, although things look fairly slow in that region at the moment.

Our wind/weather outlook remains unchanged: early morning wind will range from light/variable to light onshore, with a little morning sickness possible, but overall pretty smooth. Afternoon onshore WSW to W wind will be light to moderate in speed.