2012 Volcom Pipe Pro Event Preview

2012 Volcom Pipe Pro Preview

Long regarded as the ultimate arena to watch surfing, the Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu will once again play host to the Volcom Pipe Pro. A 5-star WQS event, the Volcom Pipe Pro is an event unlike any other in that a lot of local Hawaiian surfers are able to get in and battle against guys kicking off their 2012 WQS campaigns. Add in Volcom's unique and fun way of hosting contests and you've got the makings for an event of epic proportions.

Surfers from around the world including John John Florence, Jamie O'Brien, Bruce Irons, Dusty Payne, Josh Kerr and more Pipeline "Warriors."
What: The $130,000 Volcom Pipe Pro a 5-star WQS event—first place gets a whopping 20Gs.
When: The waiting period begins on January 23rd and ends February 4th and the contest will be run on the 3-4 days with the biggest and best surf. But with a two-week waiting period, expect the contest to be run in epic conditions.
Where: The Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.
MSW Forecast: The first week of the waiting period is looking pretty good—Magic Seaweed is calling for Wednesday to be 8-13 feet. After that the swell looks like it's going to go more north, which isn't ideal for Pipeline.

Log on to volcompipepro.com and sign up for Volcom Pipe Pro updates. If you're on Oahu, come check out all the action live from the beach, otherwise, watch the Volcom Pipe Pro live right here on transworldsurf.com!

John John Florence

2011 Volcom Pipe Pro champion John John Florence. Who's going to take the title in '12? We'll find out soon...

Volcom Pipe Pro Editor Picks:

Chris Coté: You can’t seem to fade John John right now, especially at Pipe. John John is the favorite for good reason. My darkhorse picks are Evan Valiere if the lefts are bombing, and Marcus Hickman if backdoor is getting nuts. As far as haole’s go, Brett Barley always seems to do well out there, as does Alex Grey. My grom pick is Koa Rothman, that kid is gnarly.

Justin Coté: It's pretty hard to bet against John John and JOB but I'm gonna go with Josh Kerr. I think he's one of the most well-rounded surfers in the field, dude can pull into the biggest barrels on offer and punt airs at 3-foot Backdoor. For my darkhorse pick I'm putting my money on Maui's Ola Eleogram. As well, watch out for Hank Gaskell and Ricardo Dos Santos.

Aaron Checkwood: Winner: Jamie O'Brien—I think he's motivated by the success of John John and Reef and will make a strong push to get a win. Darkhorse: Marcus Hickman—he always does a lot of damage.

Zander Morton: Winner: Bruce Irons. He's still top three out there and eventually he'll win another contest at Pipe. You see his Da Hui Backdoor shootout highlights? He had easily the best two waves of the event. Darkhorse: Brett Barely. He's made Semi's before, and is not afraid to chuck himself over the ledge on any wave out at Pipe.

Who’s your pick to win the Volcom Pipe Pro?

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