20th Annual Waterman’s Ball Party Pics

watermans ball

The view from the VIP deck of the Ritz in Dana Point. Photo: Coalson

watermans ball gerry lopez rob machado

Rob Machado and Gerry Lopez—zen brothers from different mothers. Photo: Coalson

watermans ball rob campbell

Mr. TW Biz Rob Campbell and Mandy Johnson from SIMA. Photo: Coalson

Waterman's Ball Paul Naude

Billabong’s Paul Naude lei’s the VIPs—”Congratulations Bru!” Photo: Coalson

Waterman's Ball Rob Machado Dave Rastovich Paul Naude

Rasta, Rob, and Dick Baker’s family pose for the press. Photo: Coalson

Waterman's Ball Rob Machado Dave Rastovich Paul Naude

Envirironmentalist of the year—Dave Rastovich, Dick Baker’s family receives his Lifetime Achievement Award, and Rob Machado got the Waterman Of The Year. These trophies are scale models of each person’s home break—Rob’s got Swami’s and even the corner of Dabbers! Photo: Coalson

Rob Machado Waterman's Ball

Rob was so stoked that the artist included Dabbers (the inside of the inside at Swamis where Rob learned to surf) on this sculpture of Swamis Point. Photo: Coalson

Waterman's Ball Chris Cote Paul Barranco

TransWorld SURF’s Chris “The baby needs new shoes” Cote double-dipping as usual puts on his camera face and gets to work with Fuel TV. Photo: Coalson

The 20th Annual Waterman's Ball took place Friday, August 7th and honored Rob Machado as Waterman of the Year, Dave Rastovich as Environmentalist of the Year and the late Dick Baker with the SIMA Lifetime Achievement Award. To see and read much more go to TransWorld Business.