21 Countries To Compete At ISA World Masters

Montanita Ecuador

Excellent surf conditions have greeted the surfers at the beautiful right hand point-break waves of Montañita. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

All Teams Announced For The ISA World Masters Surfing Championship

Surfline's Official Forecast Calls for Excellent Surf Conditions for the Duration of the Contest Period

A total of 21 countries and over 130 athletes are confirmed to compete in the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in the beautiful and vibrant town of Montañita in the Province of Santa Elena, Ecuador.

The confirmed countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Hawaii, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela.

"There are only a few days to go before the Opening Ceremony and the start of the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship. All National Teams have been announced and the athletes have begun to arrive in the beautiful town of Montañita, Ecuador," remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre. "The surfers will be practicing at the perfect right hand point-break waves in preparation for the World Championship that begins with the Opening Ceremony on Saturday and the competition on Sunday. Great surfing conditions and waves in the chest-high to overhead range in Ecuador's warm water are welcoming the delegations. As I like to remind all athletes, while a few competitors will go home with medals, all of them are already winners, as they are surfing as members of their National Surfing Teams."

"At this point there looks to be plenty of surf throughout the event from a combination of southwest, south and northwest swells with head high+ waves and overhead sets from April 7-9 with potential for a similar, or even larger, size combination of northwest and south swell over the last few days of the waiting period," said Surfline's Head Forecaster Kevin Wallis.

Below is a full list of the confirmed teams. Please note team registration closes on Friday is subject to change. The final list will be found at isawmsc.com/teams

Masters: Alejo Martinez and Martin Passeri
Grand Masters: Sebastian Galindo and Santiago Di Pace
Kahunas: Horacio Ipucha Luis Radziunas Gutierrez
Grand Kahuna: Ernesto Conte Gutierrez
Women Masters: Lucila Gil

Masters: Jack Spooner
Grand Masters: Scott Schindler and Glen Pringle
Kahunas: Glen Valaire and Terry Landsberg
Grand Kahuna: Charlie O'Sullivan
Women Master: Layne Beachley

Masters: Saulo Carvalho and Rogerio Dantas
Grand Masters: Marcelo Alves and Roni Ronaldo
Kahunas: Jojo de Olivenca and Sergio Noronha
Grand Kahuna: Mickey Hofman
Women Master: Andrea Lopes

Kris Cabezas (division to be confirmed)
Santiago Melus (division to be confirmed)
Grand Masters: Jose Antonio Hernandez and Renato 'Pelecho" Aguirre (TBC)
Kahunas: Juan Andres Guerra and Christian Ramos

Costa Rica
Masters: Kenneth Avila and Paulo Viales
Grand Masters: Kenneth Avila and Randal Chaves
Kahunas: Craig "Tequila" Schieber and Alejandro Monge
Grand Kahuna: Craig "Tequila" Schieber
Women Master: Veronica Quiros

Dominican Republic
Kahuna: Robert Reid
Grand Kahuna: Robert Reid

Masters: Marcos Goncalves
Grand Masters: Rene Burgos
Grand Kahuna: Juan C. Posada / Humberto Dapelo
Women Master: Iiana Crow
Milton Suarez (TBC)
Byron Yagual (TBC)
Eugenio Verea (TBC)

Masters: Robin Ferderic and Regis Blanchard
Grand Masters: Olivier Salvaire and Charlie Phillippon
Kahunas: Labastie Eric and Graclet Eric
Grand Kahuna: Darque Gilles
Women Master: Veronique Hayon

Great Britain
Richard Dodd

Masters: Sunny Garcia and Kalani Robb
Grand Masters: Love Hodel and Sunny Garcia
Kahunas: Mike Latronic and Reuben Balmores
Grand Kahuna: Shuji Kasuya
Women Master: Rochelle Ballard

Masters: Hiroki Watanabe and Takeshi Terakado
Grand Masters: Masanobu Koga and Katsumi Suzuki
Kahunas: Masahisa Sakamoto and Yasushi Toyoda
Grand Kahuna: Makoto Takahashi
Women Masters: Kiyonaga Akiko

Master: Raul Noyola
Grand Master: Elias Burgueno
Kahuna: Edy Samudio

Masters: Ricardo J. Alfaro and Gary Saavedra
Grand Master: Raul Rios

Masters: Patick Vanginhoven and Magoo De La Rosa
Cesar Aspillaga
Gabriel Aramburu
Matrin Jeri
Jose Carlos De Tramontana
Karin Sierralta
Women Master: Rocio Larrangaña

Puerto Rico
Master: Norberto Pena
Juan Ashton (division to be confirmed)
Ricardo Carbia (division to be confirmed)
Pablo Diaz (division to be confrimed)
Eduardo Cautino (division to be confirmed)
Robert Ferrer (division to be confirmed)
Alberto Licha (division to be confirmed)

South Africa
Masters: Greg Emslie and Gary Van Wieringen
Grand Masters: Wayne Monk and Carl Roux
Kahuna: Andre Malherbe and David Malherbe
Grand Kahuna: Chris Knutsen
Women Master: Heather Clark

Masters: Dani Garcia and Ibon Gamecho
Grand Masters: Dani Garcia and Javier Gonzalez Pinto
Kahuna: Marcos Conde
Grand Kahunas: Marcos Conde
Women Master: Estitxu Estremo/ Ana Gandarias

Masters: Andres Colacce and Ignacio Gandini
Grand Masters: Ferderico Maisterra and Juan Aroztegui
Kahunas: Eduardo Mendez and Guillermo Palfy
Women Masters: Celia Barboza

Masters: Ryan Simmons and Yves Bright
Grand Masters: Dean Randazzo and Rick Takahashi
Kahunas: Jim Hogan and Ricky Schaffer
Grand Kahuna: Allen Sarlo
Women Master: Siri Cota

Masters: Justin Mujica and Magnum Martinez
Grand Masters: Carlos Rodriguez and Jairo Merentes
Kahunas: Alfredo Flores and Juan Angola
Grand Kahuna: Omar Vetancourt
Women Master: Natasha Rodriguez

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