2.7 Check Out – Ryan Hurley

Name: Ryan Hurley
[IMAGE 1]Age: 17
Hometown: Newport Beach, California
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 155
Sponsors: Hurley, Dragon, Etnies

Ryan Hurley is big pimpin’. This year, Ryan’s stunning good looks and tube-riding capabilities have earned him a spot as a junior lifeguard on Tavarua Island in Fiji. He drives boats, gets shacked, wrestles poisonous snakes, and keeps all the tourists entertained. Ryan finished his last quarter of eleventh grade on the computer, which was better than sitting in class wearing his uniform at Calvary Chapel. Ryan has a cool family who’s very supportive of him and everything he wants to do. His dad Bob owns a clothing company and surfs like an old legend. When Ryan isn’t working hard, he likes skateboarding, snowboarding, mixing hip-hop beats, and hanging with his tough dog John. Ryan busts airs, throws gouges, and shreds the hell out of anything in sight. Although contests aren’t his bag, he still does pretty darn well when he wants to. The future is wide-open for Ryan, and he can be anything he wants¿even president, or a bus driver.¿Pat Towersey