2.7 Check Out – Shaun Ward

Name: Shaun Ward
[IMAGE 1]Age: 17
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 140
Sponsors: Hurley, Smith, Rawson, Ocean Minded, Huntington Surf and Sport

Shaun Ward is a funny brother from another planet called Poops. You see, in his galaxy, laughing, smiling, talking trash about his friend Tim Reyes, and the conquest of girls in his beloved hometown of Huntington Beach are a daily occurrence. Shaun is a very good surfer or Poopernaut¿he’s also captain of the very talented Huntington Beach High surf team. The purpose of a Poopernaut on Earth may be the conquest of women, however, Shaun works awfully hard at surfing 54th Street or at Lowers when he can. If there’s one thing the world could learn from a Poopernaut, it’s that all the ladies need love and Shaun Ward is here to give it to them. ¿A.C.