2.7 Check Out – T.J. Barron

Name: T.J. Barron
[IMAGE 1]Age: 14
Hometown: Sunset Beach, Hawai’i
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 105
Sponsors: Billabong, Osiris, Da Kine, Barron Surfboards, Sticky Bumps, Diamond Tip, Blackpoint, Third Stone

I love surfing and sharing all of my surfing experiences with my little bro T.J. Barron. I think his surfing reaches as a whole new level of the sport, because watching him surf is like experiencing a motocross race¿he goes big with no hesitation and destroys every wave.

Over the years, T.J.’s style has impressed everyone worldwide. Living on the North Shore has been a real blessing for us both¿it also explains T.J.’s surfing style and mentality. Growing up in a Christian home with a loving family has taught us to have a lot of respect for others. This is our reality!¿Tory Barron