2.7 Crank Call: Ratboy

Crank Call: Ratboy
With the help of TransWorld’s office manager, beautiful Juliana Jabbour.

Jason “Ratboy” Collins: Hello?

Juliana: Hello, is Jason there?

Yeah, this is him.

Hi, this is Deborah Manning from Southern Star Films. How are you?

Great. How are you?

Good. The reason I’m contacting you today is because we have a new project coming up that we think you’d be perfect for.

Can you hold on for a minute?

No problem.

Several seconds later Sorry about that.

Anyway, we’re looking for a handsome surfer/model to act in a lead role in new movie about homoeroticism in surfing.


A few people recommended you. Some other people who are interested in doing this project are Bruce Willis and Joaquin Phoenix.

Huh? Wow!

Just to let you know, there’s some pretty racy material involving relationships between man and waves, but the script is great.


Yeah. Would you be interested?

Possibly¿I’m pretty busy for the next six months, so …

Do you have an agent?

Um, not really. I pretty much take care of that myself. I have an agent I could contact, though.

Can I get that number?

Hold on, let me look. Okay, it’s …

Also, just to let you know¿if you could start working out because we really have a good feeling about you, and we really would like you to play this role.

Okay, sure. Do you have a number where I can contact you, or do you want to just give me a call?

I’ll just give you a call. I have to contact some of my people and some of the other actors. I’ll be getting back to you possibly in a week or two.

And my agent’s name is Danny Keith.

All right, perfect. Thank you! You have a wonderful day now.

You too.