2.7 Reflix

The Matador Records Tenth Anniversary Anthology
Everything Is Nice
Matador DVD

This is a DVD. A DVD is sort of like a video, only you don’t have to deal with rewinding and fast-forwarding. There’s a bunch of super rad videos and interviews with bands that MTV is too wussy to play like Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and Chavez. All these videos are really indie and really cool. This compilation DVD is well worth the 25 bucks, or whatever it costs. Are you scared to enter the future of television viewing? Are you scared to watch music videos that wouldn’t ever be on MTV, because MTV sucks? Get with it¿DVDs rip, indie rock rips, and Matador rips!¿C.C.

Classic Pick Of The Month
Poor Specimen

It’s crazy to think this video came out over nine years ago. The surfing is still so amazing that this movie rivals any surf video released to date. This was our introduction to such heroes as Shane Dorian, Rob Machado, Ross Williams, Benji Weatherley, and of course, the amazing Kelly Slater. The soundtrack was the best one back then with Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Sprung Monkey. If you don’t own this video, you should be ashamed of yourself. Who can forget about the Puerto section with all the boys getting crazy? What about Kelly’s section? What about Tom Curren’s waves? Heard enough? Go get this video, and relive some modern surf history!¿C.C. Contact Poor Specimen at 1-800-481-6468 or

5MM Canada
An Aaron Jackson Film

About five years ago, a bunch of my friends went to Canada to surf. My parents were too poor, so I couldn’t go, but my friends all had a blast. The waves were good and the bros were bros. One guy I know from Canada named Sepp is a bro¿I always wondered what happened to that guy, but now I know. He still rips, and now he’s in a rad video about Canadian surfers and Canadian waves. This is a cool video because it shows us some shit we’ve never seen before, like people surfing perfect waves on the coasts of our gentle neighbors to the north. Other bros who rip are Ralph Bruhwiler, Jesse Oke, and some other Canadian-talking bros. This video is definitely worth checking out, eh.¿C.C.

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Snuff 2, Lost In Space
A Tim Bonython Film

That’s right, you seppo farks. Tim Bonython is back with another surf ‘n’ tug tape. Snuff 2, Lost In Space has a simple formula: surfing, girls in bikinis, more surfing, and more girls in bikinis. This film has some crazy moments from all around the world, including hundreds of the world’s worst wipeouts and the world’s most obvious perv outs. There’s some crazy footage of Rastovich and Parko in Oz, and the Tahiti stuff is enough to make you soil yourself. The rating on the front of the box says “M” for mature audiences¿that’s because there’re lots of female thingies all over this video. I personally have a girlfriend, but if you like to mix your surfing with chicks, check out this surf ‘n’ tug tape.¿C.C.

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Crusty 2000: The Metal Millennium
Fleshwound Films

These guys are the most psycho f¿kers ever. I know you’ve heard it all before, but Seth Enslow, Brian Deegan, Travis Pastrama, Brian Metzger, and the rest of the guys are most likely not mentally stable. There’re more crashes, strippers, maniacal antics, and silly skits than ever before. Want to amaze your friends? Show them Crusty 2000, and they’ll freak out. The music is all good metal from Metallica to Ministry. The only problem is the rap-metal and the shots of Tommy Lee, he’s such a f¿ker.¿C.C.

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Trippin’ In Costa Rica 2
A Mike Worman Film

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, this would be a great movie to watch to get you amped. So what if the quality isn’t top of the line, and so what if the music is wack? The waves in this video will make up for it. Never before has Costa Rica looked so good, which may be a bad thing for the locals, who make a good showing in this video. There’re some crazy reefbreaks that look like they could do serious damage to your body. Pros like Ben Bourgeois, Todd Morcom, and Kyle Garson make an appearance, but the draw to this video is to see what Costa has to offer. Sorry, but Costa Rica is not a secret anymore.¿C.C.

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