2.7 Textbook – Frontside Floater To Airdrop Words by Cory Lopez

Frontside Floater To Airdrop
Words by Cory Lopez

“When practicing floaters, a lot of times you don’t want to do one because it looks like a gnarly closeout. Sometimes you just gotta push a little harder and do them. I couldn’t do them right away¿it took a long time. It takes some guys thousands and thousands of floaters to learn how to do it properly. I also don’t recommend learning how to do floaters over reef.”¿Cory Lopez

Steps one through eleven:
In this sequence, I was at Cloud Break in Tavarua, Fiji, which is a really fast wave¿super fast down the line.

First get speed down the line. When you see the floater section ahead, hop on top and stay up there as long as you can. Find a fast wave with a lot of speed, so you can ride the lip for a long time. When you get up there, you pretty much have to be in control¿decide how far on top, or low on the lip, you want to ride. Once you’re there, the wave does it all for you¿it either pushes you off quickly, or you can hold it as long as you can. Try to stay centered over your board, and keep your feet on your board¿stick with the maneuver. When your speed starts slowing down, your board will just come off the lip. I hung up there as long as I could until my tail came off the back of the wave first. I fell down real quick¿fell off of it through the lip a little bit. The tail came out like I was doing an air down the face¿I didn’t plan on having the board positioned like that. I landed behind the section and tried to pump up into the barrel, but I ended up just getting clipped.