2.7 The T&C Grom Fest/Air Show

The T&C Grom Fest/Air Show
Dustin Cuizon airs for fat kizash. [IMAGE 1]

It must be pretty cool to be a fifteen year old like Dustin Cuizon and winning air-show contests worth 2,500 dollars. Cuizon beat out fellow aerialists Macy Mullen, Gavin Sutherland, and Kuapena Miranda to take the Town and Country/Gotcha Air Show at Queens on the South Shore of O’ahu in Hawai’i. Held on June 3 and 4, the air show coincided with the Town and Country Grom Fest, which is included in the following results:

The Town and Country/Gotcha Air Show
1.Dustin Cuizon $2,500
2.Macy Mullen $1,000
3.Gavin Sutherland $500
4.Kuapena Miranda

The Town and Country Grom Fest [IMAGE 2]

Seven And Under Shortboard
1.Eli Olson
2.Carissa Moore
3.Keanu Bosgra
4.Ashley Hunter
5.Devin Lee
6.Haa Aikau

Eight Through Eleven Shortboard
1.Mason Ho
2.Billy Kemper
3.Shasten Ahina
4.Storm Kam
5.Chevisrae Ahina
6.Keelen Gonda

Twelve Through Fourteen Shortboard
1.Erik Knutson
2.Kaiheenala Wallace
3.Chandler Mitchell
4.Braxton Olita
5.Ian Soutar
6.Evan Leaha