2.7 Underground – Strider Wasilewski

[IMAGE 1]Strider is a unique icon in the surfing world. He pulls in deep at macking Pipe, lauches airs at little Zuma Beach, drives classic cars, wears dark shades, white T-Shirts, khakis, and baggies. His name originated in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel, The Hobbit.

“Raspberry,” as he’s affectionately known to some (Raspberry’s his middle name), has been living the good life at home Santa Monica, California. Our world needs less flapping, demanding, whining wannabees, and more original, authentic, “Yo, I’m Feelin’ this!” cats like Strider Rasperry Wasilewski. Dig this … ¿S.Z.

Strider Wasilewski Undergroundinterview by Zeldo

Interview done while watching the TV show Strip Poker in Newport Beach, California.

What have you been focusing on lately?

Focus? Laughing Focusing on the focus.

Where’s your head these days? Everyone wants to know about Strider.

“Was” is pulling it all together right now; I don’t know. I just got the best shot I’ve ever gotten from Tahiti. Teahupoo was pretty f¿kin’ scary. I had the shit scared out of me, that’s it. That guy Briece Taera passed away when I was there, and it was a f¿king eye-opener. It was heavy.

Are you still doing a lot of airs?

I fly around a little¿flick ’em out. I don’t make too many. Naw, I’m trying. I still try to get a little loose, but it’s hard¿I’ve had a couple injuries. But I’m back now and still doing airs.

What else have you been doing? We’ve seen you in ads¿Quik ads, big spreads in Rolling Stone, and GQ magazine¿all kinds of places. You’re making a video, aren’t you?

We’re all getting into it right now, making a video. We’re pretty happy.

Is it going to be a Quiksilver video?

Yeah, we haven’t had a domestic video in a while and we’re putting one together. Taylor’s Whisenand giving us a little leeway to go out and get crazy. We’ve got a pretty happening director, Kevin Kerslac from Hollywood¿he’s a surfer. It’s pretty insane, he did all the videos for the Offspring, Nirvana, and the Chili Peppers. He’s the man, he’s offered up his services for us.

Will it follow the classy Quiksilver style we’ve all grown accustomed to?

It’ll be a little different, I think. It’ll be unique in its own right. We’re mixing it up over there.

So Quiksilver says, “All right, we’re going to pay you to not only go out and charge, but you’re going to represent us, guide these kids a little bit, and work on a video for us.”?

Strider’s World on the Web site¿Quiksilver.com is blowing up.

Is it a link called Strider’s World?

No, it’s on the site.

Does it talk about how to pimp girls and stuff?

Basically, it’s whatever the hell I did. I have all kinds of shit on there, it’s pretty cool. I have little videos, typed text of what’s going on, some audio, some pictures¿it’s pretty happening.

So is it fun for the whole family? Is it G-rated?

Well, it can get X-rated, but we try to blip those out.

People know you’re from Venice Beach, California. It’s the hood¿do you run around with gangsters?

I’m from Santa Monica, man. Come on!

But you hang in Venice.

That’s where I live now.

And you’re not married, yet?

I’ve never been married, no kids.

Is there anything else the world should know about you that we haven’t heard about?

Naw, everything else I’d like to keep to myself.

That’s why you’re underground.