Congratulations Carlsbad High School Lancers

Not only did they take their first NSSA Western Region Championship, but the Carlsbad High Surf Team narrowly beat a talented Huntington Beach High to win all four (boys, girls, sponge, longboard) divisions of the CISF (California Interscholastic Surfing Federation) Championships, a first in CISF history.

It’s not an accident that the same school to give the world such names as Taylor Knox and Joey Buran is now winning championships behind a roster of top NSSA competitors like Che Stang, Mike Klein, Dane Johnson, Justin Wiegand, Justin Birks, Jason Franco, and Julia Christian. Look forward to another high-caliber event next year when the entire team, minus Julia, returns for another season.¿A.C.

Randazzo Wins Oceanside PSTA Event

You can’t keep good surfers down. As if winning 10,000 dollars in the Rusty Anything But Three wasn’t good enough, Dean Randazzo came back to win another 2,000 in the inaugural PSTA season event at Oceanside Pier. Randazzo, a New Jersey native living in San Diego, edged out some strong surfing by Jeremy Sommerville in second, Chris Drummy in third, and Jason Senn in fourth.

In the women’s division, seventeen-year-old Julia Christian dominated the final, beating out second-place finisher Jodie Nelson by six points to claim a 1,000 dollars and her first PSTA victory.¿A.C.

Timmy Reyes Steps Up In The Huntington Pro/Am Series

Huntington Beach, California is pretty loaded when it comes to surfing talent. Take Timmy Reyes, for instance. Now that his NSSA career is coming to a close, he’s focusing his energy on beating top pros and winning events like the pro/am division of the April 15¿16 Huntington Beach Pro/Am Series. In three- to five-foot surf, Timmy edged out Chris Ward, Richie Collins, and Seth Elmer to earn a thousand dollars¿not bad for a day’s work.¿A.C

Huntington Pro/Am Results:

Super Groms
1. Bryce Dehaan
2. Matt Mohagen
3. Alex Abad
4. Alex McDonell

1. Chris Fowler
2. John Paul Taylor
3. Brett Simpson
4. Eric Berling

1. Shaun Ward
2. Brandon Long
3. Jon Gorak
4. Brandon Gullmatte

1. Chris Bullock
2. Marc Belmonte
3. Jon Wildfong
4. Greg Eisle

1. Timmy Reyes $1,000
2. Chris Ward $450
3. Richie Collins $350
4. Seth Elmer $250
5. (tie) Wyatt Simmons, Billy Oswald $150
7. (tie) Jay Larson, Mike Hoisington $100

Sunny Garcia Makes It Two In A Row
Will this be his year?

Current ratings leader and previous two-time Rip Curl Pro winner Sunny Garcia, of Hawai’i, added another coveted Bell trophy to his collection this past Easter weekend after defeating Brazil’s Flavio Padaratz. The dramatic 35-minute final was held two hours’ drive southwest along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road at the main contest setup at Bells Beach.

After exiting the chilly waters victorious, Garcia was quick to give thanks to Rip Curl and contest organizers:

“First off I’d like to thank Rip Curl,” Garcia began. “Under heavy pressure yesterday from all of the surfers to run at Bells, they made a pretty heavy decision, probably one of the heaviest I’ve ever seen. All of the surfers wanted to surf, but the contest organizers said it wasn’t good enough. I’d like to thank them for holding off and coming down here today¿we got really good waves.

“Halfway through the final I was almost content with second place, as Flavio had a pretty good lead. Then I told myself second wasn’t going to be good enough, so I put up a fight and luckily got that 7.8; it put me right back into the heat. I can attribute that to just wanting to win. I want to win a world title before I retire, and I’m getting pretty old Garcia turned 30 in January. Watching Occy win the world title last year really inspired me.”¿courtesy of the Association Of Surfing Professionals

Rip Curl Pro Results:
1.Sunny Garciaa
2. Flavio Padaratz
3. (tie) Nathan Webster, Taj Burrow
5. (tie) Luke Hitchings, Peterson Rosa, Damien Hardman, Shane Beschen

Current WCT Ratings:
1.Sunny Garcia
2.Taj Burrow
3. (tie) Flavio Padaratz, Jake Paterson
5. Nathan Webster
6. (tie) Damien Hobgood, Shane Beschen
8. (tie) Luke Egan, Damien Hardman, Peterson Rosa