30 Days Of Giveaways: Reef

Reef Dreams Sandal
Reef AH-SY-EE sandal
Reef Arch 1
Reef Stanley
Reef Ugandal 3
Reef X-S Sandal
Reef Napali Floral boardshort

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Reef Giveaway Day!

-Reef Stanley – From the Reef Coastal Cruisers collection, this shoe features Reef original ‘Swellular Traction’ and ‘Wax Texture’ cushioning. $42.95
-Reef X-S-1 – This sandal brings new technology, redefining how sandals are made and how they perform. $59.00
-Reef Arch-1 – With an adjustable arch system in the midsole, a turn of the fin key allows you to control the level of support your foot craves. $100.00
-Reef Napali Floral boardshort – Introducing Natural Technology, this Cocona fabric is derived from coconut shells, now that is smart ‘natural’ innovation. $80.00
-Reef Ugandal 3 – Part of Reef’s ‘We Heart Uganda’ collection, the paper beads on this sandal are hand crafted by displaced women in Northern Uganda. $60.00
-Reef Dreams sandal – Like you never left your bed! $28.00
-Reef AH-SY-EE sandal – Featuring Acai beads from the Amazon. $40.00

Enter to win below on April 15th from 9am to 5pm PST. If you’re too late, enter tomorrow’s giveaway.

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